Gold necklace handmade in Brussels

Women's vermeil diamond necklace


Necklace in vermeil 

18-carat yellow gold plated 

Length of the necklace: 43 cm

Diamond length: 3 cm

Weight: 3 g

Lozenge necklace for women - How is this yellow gold plated female necklace the ideal jewel?

This lozenge necklace vermeil woman, lozenge necklace gold ensures the elegance of your outfit in all circumstances. Indeed, this vermeil necklace will enhance both your daily outfits and your evening looks. The lozenge in vermeil corresponds to chic and coquettish women.  In addition, the chain is adorned with small pearls, a detail that makes all the difference. In addition, a short necklace is perfect to enhance your headwear. This gold-plated woman's jewel is definitely a timeless piece to insert into your jewelry box

How does yellow gold make this lozenge diamond necklace unique for women? 

Artemi makes its creations with exceptional materials. This diamond necklace is no exception to the rule. It is made of 925 solid silver and is plated with 18-carat yellow gold. Two noble metals that guarantee comfort and quality. Secondly, vermeil has the advantage of being lighter than solid gold. Thus, this gold-plated woman necklace will accompany you for many years to come, both for its resistance and its timelessness. In addition, note that these two metals are hypoallergenic. Finally, all Art'emi creations are obviously composed of a good dose of love and passion for jewelry. This is what makes the diamond necklace unique.  

Still not seduced by this gold-plated diamond necklace?

Art'emi Jewellery has made this vermeil necklace for women who take care of their appearance with lightness. A jewel ready to brighten up your outfits. For the most gourmet, there are also lozenge earrings in vermeil. Indeed, this makes a refined and timeless gold-plated set, in other words: essential! If you are more sensitive to silver necklaces, the pink flower necklace will seduce you with its elegance. Finally, for the most original, the double butterfly necklace fits perfectly with fanciful personalities. So, are you seduced by the vermeil necklace? 

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