Curb bracelet ID first name silver personalized man

40,00 €

925 sterling silver bracelet 
Plate length: 3 cm 
Cotton rope 
Adjustable size 
Number of characters: 10 maximum per side 
Personalize the bracelet by choosing the engraving and cord color of your choice 
Ability to engrave any message on both sides

Free engraving 

Free delivery

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Curb first name silver personalized man - art'emi jewelry

Are you looking for the perfect accessory that will enhance your look? Do you value the quality and originality of your jewelry? Is money material you particularly like? Then you will love the silver personalized bracelet first name silver man of the art'emi jewelry store.

Product features and particularities

Our jewelry company attaches particular importance to the superior quality of its creations. This is why all our silver jewelry and accessories are made of the purest materials possible. You will always find the 925 hallmark, which attests to their superior quality. As a result, the appearance of this bracelet remains intact, even after several years of wear. Its eternal sparkling glow, as on the first day, will surprise you. Moreover, the complementarity of copper gives it a high resistance. The life of an active man is indeed very hectic. We have therefore designed this jewel for all those who wish to keep their bracelet for a long time.

The particularity of the jewel lies in its personalization. We offer you the possibility to have both sides of this splendid bracelet engraved. For example, you can write the first name on the front and a date on the back. In order to allow you to follow your desires, art'emi never charges you for the engraving of its creations.

The bracelet first name silver man personalized silver to offer

Do you want to please a man of taste? So, this jewel represents the ideal gift. If you wish, you can have his first name engraved on one side and yours on the back. What a beautiful way to remind a man of all the affection you have for him. This bracelet is perfect to offer to a father, husband, or a friend who is dear to you.

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150,00 €
Ball chain necklace in sterling silver with two square pendantsYou can burn on the front and back of each plate Number of characters: 92 maximum per side Length of chain: 36 cm Length of pendant: 2.5 cm Width of pendant: 1.7 cm Free engraving  Free delivery 

60,00 €
925 sterling silver Diameter of the coin: 2cm Length of the chain: 42 cm Number of characters: maximum 30 per side Personalize the pendant by choosing the engraving option to burn on 2 sides Free engraving  Free delivery

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45,00 €
925 sterling silver Diameter of the coin: 2 cm Cotton rope Adjustable size Number of characters: 30 maximum per side Personalize the bracelet by choosing the engraving and cord color of your choice Possibilty to engrave on both sides Free engraving  Free delivery

Customizable bracelets for men: bracelets for men by art'emi

Are you looking for a birthday gift for your husband, friend or family member? He made you understand that an original piece of jewelry would please him but you don't know which one to contact? The art'emi jewelry store offers, in its collection of jewelry for men, completely original products and what is more, of great elegance. The customizable art'emi man bracelets are ideal to transmit tender attention.

The customizable art'emi man bracelets

Men's customizable bracelets are a perfect gift for a friend or his lover. We have many different products. If you choose a bracelet with a cord, you can choose the color of the cord. All sizes of our bracelets are adjustable and can, therefore, match all kinds of wrists. Then don't wait any longer. The customizable art'emi man bracelets embody the perfect gift for any man who wishes to wear an elegant piece of jewelry, in harmony with his personality.

Art'emi essential jewelry store

Above all, art'emi is not at its first jewelry manufacturing stage. For years now, we have been creating, styling and making all kinds of jewelry for various audiences: women, men, children, and babies. We make jewelry for the whole family and we now pay special attention to personalized jewelry. Discover for example the customizable necklaces for men and the customizable bracelets for men art'emi. Indeed, we can engrave your jewelry with all kinds of messages that will please their recipients.

In addition, engraving is a service we offer to our customers. In addition, we advise you throughout your purchase. Therefore, do not hesitate if you have any questions about our products or our prices. We will be happy to answer all your questions. It should also be noted that all our deliveries are free of charge.