Bangle bracelet vermeil personalized child
    • Bangle bracelet vermeil personalized child
    • Bangle bracelet vermeil personalized child
    • Typography bracelet customizable vermeil children's bangle
    • typography bangle bracelet vermeil personalized child
    • typography bangle bracelet vermeil personalized child

    Bangle bracelet vermeil personalized child


    Solid silver 925

    Plated Yellow Gold 18kt

    Weight 4,42gr

    Adjustable size: 15.5 cm, 16.5 cm or 18 cm

    Measurement: 3.8mm x 0.5mm

    Number of characters: Front 25 characters

    Free engraving

    Free shipping - Ships within 24-48 hours



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    The finesse of the bracelet jonc vermeil

    Are you looking for an original gift idea of gold jewelry to please your piece of cabbage? The vermeil ring bracelet in 18K gold plated, is a delicate bracelet and of great finesse. It is the perfect gift to please them. This 18K gold bracelet is perfect for accessorizing the different outfits of your little pieces of cabbage. It will marry perfectly with their wardrobe, because it is a timeless and soberbracelet . It is the ideal gift for children, it is a discreet and subtle gold bracelet that he will keep all his childhood. In addition, the vermeil ring bracelet customizable in 18K gold is of great lightness. Because of this, it will be easier for a child to wear.

    The unique gift: the customizable rush bracelet

    Looking for a unique and minimalist gold jewelry or silver jewelry to offer? The one that no one will have and who will best express your feelings? Opt for the customizable vermeil ring bracelet in 18K gold plated. Indeed, this adjustable gold bracelet,of great simplicity is customizable to your liking. Not only can you engrave the first name of the little angel, but also an important date in your eyes or one of his favorite drawings. You will be able to have a gold bracelet engraved to make it symbolic for your child.

    The customization of your gold and silver jewelry is completely free. You do not dream, the jewelry brand Art'emi offers you this engravingservice, so you can focus on the most important: to please yourself. Therefore, and to best meet your expectations, we offer a wide range of typography. Enough to satisfy all your ideas!

    Do not hesitate to discover our typography with the personalized slave bracelet child.

    Quality at Art'emi

    You should know that the jewelry store Art'emi works with materials of exception. Indeed, the ring bracelet is made of vermeil, a precious metal with great strength. In addition, the combination of the two metals that compose it(solid silver and 18K gold)gives it a much higher resistance than plated metals, often used in jewelry. It also has the particularity of being a much lighter metal than gold. Because of this, your jewelry will never be heavy to wear, regardless of their size.

    The jewelry brand Art'emi also offers you its collection of jewelry for men and its collection of jewelry for women. You will find everything like: bracelet, chain necklace, pendant, chainette, creoles, ring, earrings, ring, ring, ringband, engraved medal, sautoir, cufflinks, pendant necklace, medallion, gourmet bracelet and many others. Art'emi uses precious metals for the design of its jewelry such as tourmaline, quartz, white gold, pearls, yellow gold, turquoise, semi-precious stones, mother-of-pearl, solid silver, vermeil, fine stones, agate, rose gold and so many others.

    Do not hesitate to come and discover our other gold and silver jewelry on our site to have other gift ideas to offer the ideal gift for events such as Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.. You can also learn more about the exception materials of the jewelry store Art'emi.

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