Rigide slave bracelet silver personalized man

90,00 €

925 sterling silver
Wrist size (16-18 cm)
Number of characters: 10 maximum

Free engraving 

Free delivery

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Rigid slave bracelet - a symbol of elegance and refinement

You wish to offer a silver slave bracelet personalized man? Then check out the slave bracelet from our art'emi collection. The art'emi jewellery store offers a wide selection of 18-carat gold and solid silver jewellery. Some of our jewellery is also decorated with precious stones. Consult our e-shop and find the jewel that you like!

Rigid slave bracelet silver personalized man - offer a personalized jewel

This simple and elegant bracelet is suitable for all men of taste. With its sober and chic look, it adapts to your movements and does not bother you when you move your wrist.
You can engrave the message of your choice on it. It is therefore a customizable jewel, which makes it an original gift. To personalize this bracelet you have the choice to engrave what you want on it. You can indicate a date, a drawing or a little note that will please the person who receives it. We can engrave this jewel with several writing styles. To do this, simply indicate your preferences when ordering.

The slave bracelet silver personalized man, a unique gift

If you like this bracelet, know that in addition to being a jewel that adapts to your outfits, it is also a bracelet designed with noble metals. Indeed, the jewellery we sell is made of gold and silver. This slave bracelet is made of solid silver and is stamped 925.

Would you like to order this jewel? We offer you the opportunity to buy it online or visit our shop. We have a lot of customizable jewelry, you can also check out our other creations on our website. If, however, you would like more information about purchasing or personalizing this bracelet, you can contact us by phone or email. Do not hesitate, we are here to advise you when you make your choice.

Also, discover the personalized target bracelet rope for men.

70,00 €
Ball necklace in sterling silver Length of chain: 60 cm Length of the pendant: 3 cm Width of pendant: 2cm The total length of the necklace: 63 cm You can engrave on each side Number of characters: 32 maximum per side Free engraving  Free delivery 

60,00 €
925 sterling silver Diameter of the coin: 2cm Length of the chain: 42 cm Number of characters: maximum 30 per side Personalize the pendant by choosing the engraving option to burn on 2 sides Free engraving  Free delivery

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Men's customizable bracelets: bracelets not to be missed

Are you looking for unique bracelets that can match your style? Indeed, you want an incomparable bracelet, which can highlight your personality and character? Then choose the customizable bracelets for men from the art'emi jewelry store.

Art'emi and its ability to create silver jewelry

Art'emi creates, manufactures, designs and personalizes quality solid silver jewelry for you. Indeed, we have been creating and manufacturing jewelry for many years. We have learned and acquired this know-how through experience and the handling of money. A precious material that has the particularity of being very malleable. In this way, we create totally unique jewelry. In addition, we customize all our creations with multiple different engravings. We can also deliver to you at any time, at no extra cost. Finally, what we want for you is that you are satisfied with your jewelry. That is why we advise you on our Chatbox, by email or by phone.

Of course, we will be happy to advise you in the choice of your jewelry or engravings in our store.

Customizable bracelets for men art'emi

Art'emi men's bracelets are numerous: from men's customizable bracelets to men's customizable necklaces and men's customizable key rings. Almost all our jewelry is customizable with the possibility of an inscription such as a first name, the last name, a date, a place, a drawing... You should know that our engravings are free. And you also benefit, let's remember, from a delivery that is also free of charge. All men's customizable bracelets are made of at least 92% solid silver. So no more hesitation to have, choose art'emi jewelry for unique, refined and very elegant bracelets. All this for a more than advantageous price.