Curb bracelet character boy personalized woman
  • Curb bracelet character boy personalized woman
  • Curb bracelet character boy personalized woman
  • Curb bracelet character boy personalized woman
  • Typography gourmette character boy personalized woman
  • Curb bracelet character boy personalized woman
  • Curb bracelet character boy personalized woman

Curb bracelet character boy personalized woman


Solid silver 925

Boy size: 22 mm X 135 mm

Bracelet length: 17-18 cm

Number of characters: 10 maximum per face

Customize your toddlers by choosing engraving, possibility to engrave on the 2 faces any type of message.

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  • 250 tank. .max
  • 250 tank. .max
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The gourmet character artemi boy

Are you looking for a unique bracelet with a small character? Art'emi, with its experience in the manufacture and manufacture of various solid silver jewelry, offers unique bracelets. Discover, for example, the gourmet character boy personalized woman in silver. A fancy jewel to have in your jewelry box!

This jewel therefore includes a chain mesh in solid silver as well as a pendant character boy in silver also. The carabiner clasr is also made of sterling silver. The chain bracelet is therefore less rigid while being solid. A total silver look for a silver woman!

For more bracelets and gourmette, find all our jewelry for your wrists with silver bracelets, cotton bracelets, leather bracelets, Liberty bracelets. A collection of trendy jewelry and fashion accessories just for you!

Want advice on how to make an ideal gift? Check out our article on perfect gifts of engraved jewelry. The silver or vermeil ring bracelet is ideal for personalizing a unique message along the engraved bracelet!

The finesse ofart'emi in the making of silver jewelry

First of all, art'emi is not making her first jewelry. We have been passionate about jewelry for several years now. As a result, we produce and manufacture jewelry of high quality and incomparable finesse. In addition, we deliver your jewelry orders to you free of charge, in all countries of the European Union. We ensure the customization of the gourmet bracelet character boy personalized woman by different types of engraving. A message about a personalized jewel or an important date? The possibilities are endless. Make your women's jewel singularly elegant and moving thanks to your imagination. In addition, our women's jewelry always consists of more than 90% silver. A jewel, certainly unique, but also precious.

Precious metals are widely used by art'emi. Because of this, you will find jewelry in sterling silver, vermeil (silver jewelry covered with an 18-carat gold plated), turquoise, mother-of-pearl, coral, pink and black quartz, semi-precious stone, etc.

Jewelry set with semi-precious stones is a big trend of the moment. In addition, you can keep them infinitely thanks to timeless looks! So dare the mother-of-pearl silver charm ring, the dropstone round semi-precious stone earrings (Tourmaline, Cat's Eye and Moonstone) or the silver pearl necklace or silver knot sautoir. Only quality jewelry at your favorite jeweler.

Finally, we love to please our customers. That's why we guide you during the selection of your women's jewelry and engravings. We are reachable and available by phone, email, instantly via our chatbox and of course in our shop. Do not hesitate to ask us questions, we will be happy to answer you.

Art'emi and her gourmet character personalized boy woman

The gourmet bracelet character boy personalized woman is a silver jewel that is worn on your wrist with all kinds of varied outfits. Whether you are wearing an evening dress or casual clothes, this silver bracelet will adapt to your different outfits and will sublimate you.

Associate your gourmet bracelet with the boy character necklace. A collection of silver jewelry is available on our shop, go take a look.

In addition, the cotton cord bracelet with the solid silver character pendant is available. You have a choice. Cotton cord bracelets are also in the category of men's jewelry.

For more jewelry with charms, take a look at the types of jewelry bracelets for women, for men and for children.

Discover also our other gourmets: the gourmet bracelet girl character and the personalized silver gourmette woman.

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