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    • Chain diamond convict silver child

    Diamond chain silver child


    Massive silver 925

    Weight: 1.85gr

    Length: 42 cm

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    The perfect chain for your child

    Are you looking for a silver chain to match your child's energy? Do you need a gift idea to give your child a unique gift? Our solid silver forçat diamond chain is the one for you! Also known as a file chain, this 925 sterling silver chain features a good shiny effect. Moreover, it is an ideal chain to add a silver pendant or an engraved medal. This way, you can create your own personalized jewelry ad infinitum. This beautiful silver chain will be perfect as a birthday or Christmas gift. This chain is a timeless piece to have in your jewelry box, that your child will be able to wear with all his wardrobe for all occasions. Indulge in this fashionable chain for your children.

    Personalize this diamond forçat chain for kids

    Do you want to give your child a unique and original piece of solid silver jewelry to show your love? You can personalize this diamond forçat chain by adding a pendant or a medal. Moreover, most of our pendants are customizable. You can engrave a first name, a word, initials, a symbolic date, or a drawing that is meaningful to you. The Art'emi jewelry brand offers you the possibility of personalizing your gold and silver jewelry.

    All in all, it's a great original gift idea for your little one, so come and order quickly! With its sterling silver chain, your little one can be elegant, trendy, and glamorous while remaining discreet and subtle. Come and discover our blog for more information on jewelry engravings.

    Our materials and their exceptional quality

    The Artemi jewelry brand offers you jewelry made from exceptional materials. For example, this diamond chain is made from solid silver (otherwise known as 925 silver or sterling silver). In fact, it is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Therefore, it is the combination of silver and copper that makes the chain strong. The "925" hallmark is present on all of Art'emi's silver creations, as a guarantee of quality.

    Art'emi also offers its collection of jewelry for men and its collection of jewelry for women. You will find various types of customizable jewelry in gold and silver, such as bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, long necklaces, name necklaces, silver rings, creoles, earrings, gold chains, and engraved medals, etc. Art'emi is also at your disposal after the purchase of any jewel. Do you want to know how to clean your silver jewelry and why it has turned black? Find our tips and tricks to restore the shine to your jewelry.

    The Art'emi jewelry brand uses precious metals to make quality men's and women's jewelry. You will find tourmaline, white gold, yellow gold, vermeil, tourmaline, leather, semi-precious stones, fine stones, turquoise, coral, mother-of-pearl, 18-carat gold, solid silver, quartz, and many others. We also remind you that all our jewelry is delivered free of charge throughout Europe.

    Discover Art'emi's other collections

    The jewelry brand invites you to discover its range of gold and silver jewelry for gift ideas. This way, you can offer the ideal gift to your loved ones, especially for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or Christmas. Don't hesitate to get into customizable jewelry. It is a sure value that will please your loved ones. You will be able to create a unique silver jewel that comes from the heart. Art'emi jewelry store also offers the wedding band bracelet, which you can find in gold and silver. In addition, this bracelet can be personalized and you can engrave it with initials or a symbolic date as you wish.

    We also have the tree of life medal necklace, which is made of solid silver with a 925 hallmark. The medal can be engraved with your initials, a first name, or a symbolic date. Similarly, this beautiful silver necklace will also make you a beautiful neckline, ladies. You will be able to be trendy, glamorous, and chic while wearing a piece of personalized jewelry for a rather discreet woman. You can wear it according to your different looks, whether bohemian, fancy, or elegant.

    So don't hesitate anymore!

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