Necklace cloud silver personalized woman
  • Necklace cloud silver personalized woman
  • Necklace cloud silver personalized woman
  • customizable silver cloud necklace typography woman
  • customizable silver cloud necklace typography woman
  • customizable silver cloud necklace typography woman

Necklace cloud silver personalized woman


Massive silver 925

Size: 40-42-45cm

Weight: 3.90gr

Cloud size: 15mm x 10mm

Number of characters: Recto/Verso 25 characters

Free engraving

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  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max

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Head in the clouds?

Many people associate clouds with a bad omen and feel it negatively. However, for some, clouds are a symbol of daydreaming and imagination, hence the expression "having your head in the clouds". It's all about making your mind travel. This silver cloud necklace is a sign of softness and lightness, it will accompany you everywhere in your daily life and will blow you fresh air. Simple and effective, this magnificent jewel will fit perfectly with all your outfits. 

The personalized necklace cloud silver: the ideal gift?

Looking for a unique gift for a friend, your mother or your wife? Do you want to simply treat yourself with a necklace in your image? Don't move, you've come to the right place. Indeed, the Art'emi jewelry store proposes to engrave your silver cloud necklace to your liking! Between initials, a drawing, a word or a symbol, there is something to lose your head. You have the choice, but also for the typography! Indeed, we offer a wide range of writing just for you. 

Do you want more gift ideas to give to your mom? Come and discover our blog about it!

Why choose this necklace? 

First of all, this jewel is of an extraordinary quality. And yes, all the jewels of Art'emi jewelry are made from high quality materials. The silver used for this necklace is 925 solid silver, it is an alloy of pure silver and copper. It is the perfect combination for a jewel of great strength and resistance. However, don't worry, the necklace is very light. Finally, silver is the feminine symbol of softness and purity, the ideal association with the cloud!

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