• Necklace pendant gingerbread sterling silver woman

    Gingerbread pendant solid silver woman


    Solid Silver 925

    Double-sided gingerbread pendant in brown enamel

    Pendant dimension: 15mm x 12mm

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    The novelty of Christmas: the silver gingerbread pendant

    Your favorite jewelry store to think of you for this holiday season. It is with the greatest pleasure that we present our silver gingerbread pendant. Original, this charm in the shape of gingerbread will bring a festive touch. In addition, it will bring color to your outfit thanks to its brown enamel. Your pendant will go perfectly with a necklace chain silver rhodier, a necklace flush with the neck or with a necklace for women.

    To offer you even more choices, we have declined our pendants in several colors and with different Christmas patterns. They are all available in the women's pendants section on our online jewelry store!

    Handmade jewelry of high quality

    Each jewel is thought out in order to make it unique, authentic and to offer a high-end quality. We use the best precious materials to offer you a jewel worthy of a great jewelry. Our beautiful sterling silver pendant covered in brown enamel gives this beautiful color and makes the jewel more resistant.

    At Art'emi, we make our jewelry with precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum. Silver jewelry is 92.5% solid silver 925 and 7.5% copper. The alloy of these two precious metals allows the jewel not to be damaged and to keep its shine over time. Then we use gems, called fine stones like; turquoise, black agate, rose quartz, coral, mother-of-pearl and pink tourmaline. This makes the jewel even more elegant and glamorous and brings out the femininity that there is in every woman.

    In addition, many jewels are made by hand such as the women's silver drop ring or the women's silver knot bracelet. If you want to discover our entire collection of handmade jewelry, we invite you to click here.

    Find the perfect pairing to complement your silver gingerbread pendant

    Your pendant will have even more shine associated with another piece of jewelry. That's why we offer you ideas for association and that can also of course help you find the ideal gift.

    First of all, we offer you the Venetian mesh chain woman silver. Thanks to this beautiful silver chain, you will be able to hang your pendant and highlight it. The mesh consists of small and large silver cubic links nested in each other, so this makes the jewel very resistant. This elegant and discreet fine chain will bring out your charm, sublimating with finesse your neckline.

    Then , the bracelet open rush vermeil to engrave woman in yellow gold plated 18 carats! Available in gold and silver, it will go perfectly with all looks and will fit your wrist perfectly. Elegant and refined, it will perfectly complement your pendant for the holidays.

    Customizable jewelry!

    Do you want to personalize your jewel ? You've come to the right place! Our designer Artemi is specialized in engraving and it is a reference in Belgium. Thanks to its know-how, Art'emi is able to engrave all types of jewelry. Like a ring, a necklace, a medallion, a gourmette, a bracelet, a rush, a cuff, a signet or a wedding ring. You could entrust him with your most precious jewels whether it is a costume jewel or a jewel set with precious stones such as diamonds, rubies or sapphire.

    A jewel is a real fashion accessory, which is why it is very important that it is to your liking. Customization makes it possible to make your jewel unique by bringing a personal touch that can become your lucky charm. You will inevitably find your happiness, for yourself or to offer the ideal gift. If you want to discover original engravings, we invite you to click here !

    In addition, customization is completely free! So don't hesitate and go for it!

    Our designer is here to answer your questions!

    Our Brussels jewelry will gladly answer your questions whether it is gold or silver jewelry for women, men and children. Our timeless, original and personalized jewelry will never leave you. So don't hesitate! We look forward to your order that we will send by us in a beautiful setting.

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