Polyester is a very present fabric in our daily life. Clothes, shoes, cars, jewelry... it is simply everywhere! But do you really know what its subtleties are and where it comes from? Art'emi tells you its history, its daily uses and looks at its characteristics.

The jeweler Artemi makes some of her creations with polyester. You can find in our collection bracelets made from this raw material. It's time to expand your jewelry box with a ring, a pendant, a bracelet, a chain, a necklace, a pair of earrings, a necklace, a solitaire, a cuff, a choker, whatever the set you choose. Polyester has now become an essential in the creation of all types of fashion accessories. Our jeweler currently offers for sale the women's marine bracelet, 100% polyester and available in 9 colors.

Its history and uses

Polyester is a synthetic fiber obtained through a chemical process that consists of the assembly of several small molecules. It is the short name of the term "synthetic artificial polymer", also called PET. It is not a delicate material that requires extreme care. It was patented in 1942 by two Englishmen: Whinfield and Dickson. It is in 1954 that it appears in France. It reached its peak in the 1970s, it is a fabric full of resources and especially cheap, a timeless in the sale of jewelry.

Polyester is very present in the textile industry. It is used in the manufacture of sportswear, swimwear, bedding, shoes, ready-to-wear ... It is also found in food packaging, decoration and automotive

Maintenance and characteristics of polyester

Polyester textiles are exceptionally elastic, which means that the textile does not wrinkle and keeps well over time. In addition, its very low absorbency makes it the queen of sports textiles, as it allows perspiration to be easily wicked away. Polyester is also resistant to shrinkage, stretching, wrinkling and abrasion due to the use of time. It is a lightweight fabric that does not feel on the skin and is stain resistant.

Art'emi's polyester jewelry can therefore accompany you everywhere during all your activities. They are easy to maintain. To preserve them, remember to remove them when you shower, bathe ... To clean your polyester jewelry, you can wash it gently by hand with a little soap of Marseille, all in temperate water and not hot, so as not to damage the fibers of the fabric. Now that you have all our tips, all you have to do is wear polyester jewelry.

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