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Pendant target engraving silver 15mm child

Pendant target engraving silver 15mm child


925 sterling silver

Weight: 2,14gr

Target diameter: 1.5 cm

Number of characters: Front/Back 30 characters

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How to please your little one?

By opting for a target pendant engraving child! Indeed, this jewel is the ideal accessory for children. It is discreet and delicate, perfect for their daily adventures. The silver target pendant is a jewel of great finesse that fits with all styles. Therefore, it is the ideal gift for your grandnephew or niece.

Shine with the silver target pendant engraving child

Because of its bright silver, the target pendant will allow you to offer a unique piece of jewelry to a child. Indeed, Art'emi jewelry uses exceptional materials in the making of its jewels. This is why the pendant is very solid and very resistant, ideal for small monsters. This sumptuous jewel is made from solid silver. This metal is an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.

In order to maintain the brilliance of this pendant, we invite you to come and discover our blog on "how to clean your silver jewel".

Discover our selection of personalized children's pendants, all in sterling silver to ensure incomparable quality. Moreover, you can associate the pendant with a chain. Let yourself be tempted!

An engraving to mark the blow

Imagine the perfect gift for your grandchildren with a message they can keep for the rest of their lives. Personalization allows you to convey a message through a piece of jewelry. Here, the pendant target engraving child is to be engraved. In addition, you can inscribe initials, an important date or a symbol on the pendant. Something for the little ones to enjoy!

Do you have any questions about customizing jewelry or about a particular piece of jewelry? Write to us! The Art'emi team will be happy to answer you and help you in your choice.

Finally, it is important to note that the personalization is totally free as well as the delivery (even outside Europe).

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