Earrings Christmas bell in enamel woman
    • Earrings Christmas bell in enamel woman
    • Women's enamel Christmas bell earrings

    Earrings Christmas bell in enamel woman


    Vermeil rose gold

    Diameter earrings: 18mm

    Double-sided pendant Christmas bell in red and white enamel

    Pendant dimension: 9mm X 14mm

    Earring length: 32mm

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    Creole earrings enamel Christmas bell, a specific model for the end of the year holidays

    The jewelry art'emi, artisan jewelry offers a collection of costume women's jewelry specially dedicated to the end of the year holidays. Within this collection of charms, we find the Creole loops bell enamel. Want fantasies for your end-of-year celebrations? In this case, embellish them with these earrings that will magnify your outfits. In addition, a bell-shaped pendant accompanies the Creoles. At first, this jewel is an ideal gift for one of your loved ones. Secondly, you can offer this jewel to yourself. These earrings will adapt to an infinite styles, whether common or extravagant.

    This pair of earrings is found in two bright shades, one in pink and the other in vermeil (gold). In addition, the pendant set in red and white enamel and double-sided is delightful and timeless. In addition, you can change the pendant for women with anyone for more diversity.

    The quality of our materials on our Creole loops bell enamel

    Indeed, one of the main objectives of art'emi is the quality of the materials for the confection. To begin with, art'emi uses a lot of solid silver, and precious metals and is resistant to water or scratches. In addition, it is a very easy material to clean. In addition, the charm consists of a copper alloy. This is an essential material allowing the preservation of the jewel and making it stainless.

    Enamel, a resistant material

    In the first place, the silver charm set in red and white enamel combines both finesse and resistance. First of all, its color remains intact. In addition, the enamel coating makes the charm last. Thus, water, chemicals, temperature variations or salt are ineffective against enamel. This makes it possible to keep the jewel all the time without the need to remove it. In addition, do not hesitate to discover our semi-precious stones. We have mother-of-pearl, turquoise, coral or rose quartz, tiger's eye, or tourmaline.

    Which outfit to match the Creole loops enamel bell?

    Ladies, take your most beautiful sets out of your wardrobe and reveal your femininity! Given the red and white colors of the earrings, you can assemble them with a very nice black or white outfit. In addition, the red color of the enamel will stand out perfectly and give shine to your outfit. You can also opt for a lovely outfit with red colors. Indeed, it will fit perfectly with the fantasy of the pendant.

    Which other jewels of the brand match your earrings?

    Do not hesitate to accessorize your outfit with a wide range of our jewelry. Art'emi offers a range of women's bracelets such as our open rush bracelets in yellow gold plated vermeil that will match the vermilion color of your earrings or silver, rigid bracelets that will sublimate your outfit. However, we also have models in case you want to keep a predominantly red color set. Indeed, you can adopt the liberty medal bracelet or the liberty wide medal bracelet, bracelets that match the fantasy of earrings. We also offer the same models with a medallion for the liberty bracelet and liberty wide. Sublimate your cleavage, by accommodating it with the solid silver Christmas bell necklace, a necklace flush with your neck, a necklace, or a pearl necklace.

    What methods to keep your jewelry intact?

    To keep your rhodium-plated jewelry in its original state, art'emi offers you different tips. For example, you can use white vinegar, lemon juice, liquid soap, or beer. First, these products are easily found in your home, and in your drawers, and second, they are inexpensive. Do not hesitate to also discover the tips to keep the shine of your gold jewelry and silver jewelry.

    Your jewelry is customizable

    Want to give something new? A unique character to your jewel? Or simply give it a sentimental value? By means of engraving, art'emi offers a wide choice to personalize your jewel. We offer a choice of medallions, of different shapes, of seven typographies. Engrave your medal or rush in silver and give free rein to your imagination.

    Additional information

    To conclude, all occasions are good to offer an exceptional jewel to someone you love. We have different categories of ethnic products in order to give you a gift idea. First, women's jewelry, with earrings, a collection of pendants, pendant necklaces, or rings. For men, we have necklaces, bracelets, or cufflinks. Finally, for children, we have chains or gourmets and many other jewelry and accessories. All you have to do is place your order and your jeweler art'emi takes care of the rest. Finally, if you have any questions about our jewelry or its manufacturing methods, go to the contact us section.

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