Solid silver teenage gingerbread pendant


    Solid Silver 925

    Gingerbread pendant in brown enamel

    Pendant dimension: 15mm x 12mm

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    In order to assemble your hanging charm, art'emi provides you with a range of chains. Thus, discover our silver ball chain, the diamond convict chain, the gourmet mesh chain or the Venetian mesh chain. To accompany your charm we also have the gingerbread necklace with black rhodium-plated ball chain. Rhodier a jewel is a process that allows the jewel to last much longer. Rhodium allows your chain to look new and shinier much longer than a silver chain.

    A large collection of sumptuous jewelry

    In short, your jewelry store offers art'emi a wide choice of jewelry to alternate your styles. Discover the leather cuff bracelet , the necklace, bracelets with silver chain or gourmet bracelets in solid silver. You will probably prefer our rigid bracelets open or closed rush silver or vermeil plated yellow gold 18 carats.

    Also accompany your charm with one of our many necklaces. We have necklaces flush with the neck, necklaces, necklaces, pearls or lacquered necklaces. We highlight several other necklaces on pendants. Thus, you can alternate with your gingerbread charms and accompany it for example with a long necklace or a short necklace. A large part of our pendants are made of solid silver or 18k rose gold or yellow plated.

    You will also fall under the spell of our semi-precious stones. Discover our jewelry decorated with rose quartz or black agate for example. We also have beautiful jewelry in tourmaline, turquoise, coral or tiger's eye. You will be taken by passion for mother-of-pearl, a precious material taken from shells. In short, you have a large selection of bohemian jewelry adorned with cabochon to complete your child's jewelry box .

    Want to stand out? discover our customizable jewelry

    Engraving is an essential if you want to give a unique and sentimental character to your jewel. Art'emi offers you to engrave your jewel in his workshop located in Brussels. Thanks to its unique know-how, art'emi will engrave the adornment that suits you. You have an infinity of possibilities of engraving and on any jewel. Thus, earrings, creoles, rings, signets, rings, bracelets, gourmettes, medals, medallions or pendants are customizable. You have an infinite choice of engravings and themes such as zodiac signs or Valentine's Day. In short, engraving is the ideal gift idea for a birthday, engagement or as a bridesmaid gift.

    You can also entrust your own jewelry to have it engraved by art'emi. Do not be afraid to entrust your jewelry even the most precious, art'emi will take great care of it. For example, you can entrust your jewelry decorated with emeralds, sapphires, rubies or diamonds.

    Additional information

    Thus, you may have noticed that we have a large ethnic selection of jewelry. Thus, discover our jewelry for men, for women and also for children. All occasions are good to join the ranks ofart'emi and offer the ideal jewel for a loved one. If you have any questions go to our section. For all the gift ideas, go to our blog. Thus, you now know everything to place your order as soon as possible on our site.

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