Drop Air Necklace

Golden air necklace woman


Yellow gold plated necklace 18K

Water drop shaped pendant: 3 cm x 2.2 cm

Length of the chain: 40 cm to 43 cm

Weight: 3.6 g

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Golden air necklace gold woman: a subtle and vaporous jewel

The Belgian designer Artemi, still in the theme of drop, designed this incredible 18-carat gold-plated necklace. Its pendant inspired by nature, water, rain and a touch of sunshine is the reflection of a golden drop. The gold drop necklace is the representation of sensuality and delicacy in its pure state. With its fine and soft features, it will enhance your cleavage. It can be worn on any occasion ! To try it is to adopt it, so let yourself be tempted by this adorable creation.

The vermeil, the new art toy'emi

Made from unique materials, art'emi creations are of a rare quality. It is for example in vermeil that this gold drop necklace was made. This is solid silver that has been plated with gold with a minimum thickness of 3 microns. The process is called electrolysis. The gold used for plating is 18-carat gold, made up of 75% pure gold. Moreover, vermeil does not give an allergy since it is silver covered with gold, two anallergic metals! Finally, another advantage of vermeil is that it has a fairly good resistance.

The golden drop necklace for women, a concentrate of sensuality

Made in the most meticulous way possible, this drop necklace for women will bring you elegance in all circumstances. This necklace is extremely delicate and will dazzle your surroundings. The brand would like to remind you that you can have all its creations delivered free of charge, anywhere in the world. Finally, if you would like more information about our products, you can contact us online, we will be happy to answer you. The whole team remains at your disposal to answer your questions. Feel free to follow us on the blog and social networks for more information about our collections and not to miss anything new.

This necklace can be worn alone or with long drop earrings.

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