Pink "peace" liberty bracelet

Pink "peace" liberty bracelet children


Liberty fabric tape

Pendant material: mother of pearl 
Variable size 
Peace diameter: 10 mm

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Liberty peace "pink" child bracelet : the youngest member of the family

It is well known, children are little big balls of energy, that we don't always know where it comes from. Always on the move, they exhaust us and that's a proven fact! If you want to soothe your little ones and finally have peace, try the "pink" mother-of-pearl peace bracelet for children. The sign of peace is synonymous with calm and tranquility. You never know, it may have a magical effect on your child. In addition, this bracelet is mounted on an adjustable elastic band that adjusts to each child's wrist.

The art'emi Brussels jewelry store and the production of exceptional jewelry

Art'emi Jewelry offers you quality jewelry made from exceptional materials. Specially designed to accompany children in their wildest and most amusing adventures, the little "peace" medal on the child's liberty bracelet is made from mother-of-pearl. Mother-of-pearl is biocomposite, synthesized by molluscs throughout their lives by lining the inside of their shells. The word "mother-of-pearl" comes from the Arabic "naqqarah". In English, it is called after the name given to it by the first Queen Elizabeth: mother of pearl.

The liberty bracelet and peace medal in mother-of-pearl for children's art'emi, a soothing jewel

First of all, liberty is an extremely trendy fabric. This bracelet will perfectly suit your children and will resist their crazy adventures. Its sparkling colours give it a summery and delicate look, and its "peace" ornament brings softness. Don't forget that all Artemi creations can be delivered anywhere in Europe. In addition, the package will arrive with a certificate of authenticity and a one-year guarantee. Finally, the entire team remains at your disposal to answer all your questions.

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