Nappa leather refers to lamb, goat or calf skin. It is a very fine leather, smooth and worked. It is the result of transformations in tannery. In addition to its classic treatment, a surface treatment is added to protect the skin as much as possible. It is distinguished by its supple, grain-free appearance and its resistance to sun and weather.

Leather in Art'emi's creations

The jeweler Artemi makes many of her creations using nappa leather combined with solid silver, a timeless material, or mother of pearl. Our jewelry collection consists of several bracelets made from these raw materials, which will be a hit in your jewelry box. Nappa leather has now become an essential in the creation of all types of fashion accessories.

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Art'emi's leather collection is mainly composed of women's cuffs:

- You can find leather alone in the leather bracelet woman, available in several colors.

- But also leather accompanied by silver with the bracelet leather cuff woman. A pretty clover to decorate your wrist and bring you luck, also available in several colors.

- Finally you can also match the leather with mother of pearl with the leather bracelet cuff mother of pearl flower woman. A sublime flower made of mother of pearl contrasting with the clear leather to sublimate your wrist.

Leather jewelry pairs perfectly with gold or silver, and immediately adds a touch of character to the design. Come and take a look at a ring, a necklace, a pendant, a necklace, a bracelet, an earring, or a chain. Our beautiful jewelry is made of sterling silver with the 925 hallmark, so it is rustproof. In addition to being elegant, they are guaranteed very resistant and will last in time.

History and origins of nappa leather

After having seen the technical part, and discovered the collections of jewels of the jewelry. Let's talk about history now. The work of leather is an ancestral activity. It originated in prehistoric times, when man wished to protect himself from the elements and began to design clothes or huts. The Indians also use it to cover their tipis. However, we do not know the precise date of the beginning of tanning. In the Middle Ages, the leather workshops were all located near a river. The same is true for the first artisanal tanneries before the development of the chemical industry in the 19th century. This industry then became more and more important and new techniques appeared. This activity is in perpetual movement, the advances are in the direction of the protection of the environment and the reduction of its impact.

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Its maintenance and characteristics

Nappa leather is extremely pure and fine, which makes it vulnerable to the wear and tear of time. Although it is treated to be resistant, it must be maintained twice a year if it is to remain intact.

Concerning the maintenance of leather, here are our little tips:

- The cleaning of the leather in order to make well penetrate the treatment thereafter. Use a cotton material slightly soaked in water to remove dust.

- Use a delicate cream to clean and preserve the original finish of your jewelry.

- The use of a colorless leather milk or even a body milk or make-up remover. It cleans the material and provides it with all the nutrients it needs in order to moisturize it well.

- Finally, protection with a waterproofing agent.

For more information, please refer to the following article on leather care.

After dwelling on good practices, here are some mistakes not to make with a leather ornament:

- Never put it in the washing machine to clean it

- Avoid exposing it for too long to the sun or near a heat source. Heat dries out the leather and makes it lighter. Beyond the fact of damaging it, your leather jewel can shrink, hello damage ...

- Take care to store your leather jewelry properly to avoid it coming into contact with other jewelry that could scratch it.

- Never clean your leather jewelry with a sponge, a hard brush... or any other abrasive material.

- In case of rain, avoid absolutely drying your leather near a heat source (fire or radiator), it would dry it and could also deform it. Simply rub it gently with a cotton cloth.

Now that you know everything about leather, find it in the sublime Art'emi creations!

Discover some examples of our leather jewelry for women

For the more curious, here are the steps of transformation of the skins into leather :

- First of all, the skins must be salted and kept at a temperature of about 10°C in order to preserve them. During this stage, they can lose up to 10% of their weight in water.

- 15 days later, the skins are sorted according to their quality (thickness, defects, weight, size ...).

- They are then sent to the tannery. This is where the "river work" begins, which consists of 5 operations: soaking (to get rid of the last impurities), dehairing (to remove the hair), fleshing (removal of the subcutaneous tissue), confit (softening of the leather), pickling (acidification of the skin). The skin is then tanned (transformation of the skin into leather thanks to tannins).

- The leather then undergoes a corroyage (chemical and mechanical treatment that gives it its color, its flexibility.... ). 

- It is then wrung out one last time, and put in the wind to be stretched and dried.

- Finally, the last step is called finishing. It is here that the leather takes its visual characteristics (its grain, its aspect, waterproofness...). 

Now that you are a leather professional...

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