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    • Euro money clip man
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    • typography pinch euro man tickets

    Euro money clip man


    Money clip in sterling silver 925 
    Symbol: Euro 
    Width: 4 cm

    Height: 2.5 cm

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    Euro money clip man : the accessory you can't do without !

    Are you still looking for that damn banknote you were sure you put in your wallet ? Are you able to spread your banknotes easily ? Art'emi has the solution with this silver euro banknote clip. No more trouble! The money clip allows you to store it better. With its mini design, it is elegant and very practical. Its small size ensures absolute discretion and it will easily slip into your pockets.

    Art'emi at the service of silver

    First of all, art'emi has been working as a jeweler for many years. The art'emi Brussels jewelry store offers you unique quality jewelry made from exceptional materials. Here, the silver euro banknote clip is made from solid silver (commonly called 925 silver or sterling silver). The latter consists of at least 92.5% silver, supplemented by 7.5% copper. Indeed, pure silver is known to be very flexible. All art'emi silver jewelry and accessories bear the "925" hallmark as a sign of quality.

    The advantages of art'emi's silver euro logo money clip

    Thanks to this splendid silver euro note clip, you can find your notes in one click. A money clip gives this distinguished and upscale look. It adds finesse and elegance to your personality. It can be camouflaged under all your outfits and is easy to use. Indeed, with this accessory, the banknotes no longer wrinkle, it looks great, doesn't it?

    The trick: place the high-value notes underneath and the low-value ones above for optimal use.

    We also remind you that art'emi creations are available worldwide and are guaranteed for one year.

    If you are looking for a corporate gift, this money clip sterling silver is what you need. You may want to check dollar money clip or money clip to engrave.

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