Natural wood and the jewelry house art'emi

Wood is a widely used and versatile material. It is a renewable material that is highly appreciated and is also environmentally friendly. It is a material that takes up more and more space in our lives and is biodegradable. It is found in artisanal creations of art'emi. Let yourself be guided by its many qualities.

The history and origins of wood

Wood is a natural material of plant origin. It is composed of a set of tissues that make up the trunk, branches, and roots. It is often used in the construction of buildings, as a fuel, and in the industry in general (paper industries, chemical industries...). The main timber harvesting areas in the world are located in the United States, Canada, and Russia.

This material has been used since the beginning of humanity. It is a soft material, easier to work with than stone, which makes it an essential element for the survival of the human species. Men first make tools, weapons, shelters... It will then be used to build buildings, bridges, decorative art objects (marquetry, sculptures and of course....... jewelry !). Among the Ancient Greeks and Latin, it echoes the deities. Every god has his sacred wood.

Wood is a very versatile material. It can also be found in cooking or in medicine and cosmetics. Indeed, some forms of wood give rise to essential oils or resins, which can be used to heal, soothe, relax.

How to maintain it, its specificities and various meanings

A few words about wood in art'emi creations. Art'emi uses wooden beads in the making of some of its jewelry. Each time it is natural wood. Although the pearls are colored, they are natural dyes. The jewelry store offers you 100% natural jewelry. Wooden jewelry can be of any shape, any tree species, any size... It can be found in the form of a bracelet, necklacerings or even in accessories.

The maintenance of this material is extremely simple. Just polish it with a soft cloth and you're done! To make it glow, feel free to add a touch of lemon to rub your jewelry. It is also possible to wax them with suitable wax if they are large jewels.

Finally, concerning the meanings that wood can have, we find the following:

  • The wooden wedding, which marks 5 years of marriage. 
  • The freshness, the momentum of life, just like the forest.
  • It is also the symbol of motherhood and birth.
  • Finally, it is also a source of regeneration.