Which earrings to choose?

Earrings are a way to enhance an outfit, express a personality, or brighten up a face. They are infinitely available: several shapes, colors, styles, sizes are possible .... Art'emi explains everything about the different styles of earrings, how to wear them and recognize them. Depending on the model chosen, you can wear a casual, casual, classic, assertive, modern or refined style.

Discovering the different styles of earrings

Nails or ear fleas

These are the most worn earrings sold on the market. These are also the jewels used when you have just had your ears pierced. These earrings give the feeling of being "placed" on the lobe. The ear nails are discreet and go everywhere. Very easy to associate, they change according to your mood, your tastes, your desires.

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Our ar'tips mode: Ear nails can take different shapes, colors, widths .... that will take you from a delicate and discreet style to a more assertive style. There is something for all prices and all desires! These are the earrings to adopt for a formal event, such as a job interview. In addition, these are also the curls to adopt if you have a thin and elongated face.

Ear pendants

This is the set of hanging earrings, whatever the model, length, shape, color .... From the simple little hanging loop to the long ornamental feather, you can find everything! They are a kind of earring that therefore protrude from the lobe, and are therefore more visible than the earrings. They offer an infinite choice of styles.

Our ar'tips mode: This type of earrings thins the face and silhouette. They are therefore very suitable for round faces. These go as well with wavy detached hair as with a high bun. They will be THE perfect element to dress a long evening dress. Nevertheless, long hanging curls are to be avoided for thin and slender women.

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These loops are among the most renowned. These are rings that are more or less large, wide and heavy. Creoles can be square, rectangular, or worked (hammered, wavy, with stones ...). It's definitely a timeless pair. Depending on your desire for the day and your style, you can wear small creoles for a look for distinguished, or more imposing models for a more fashionable and assertive side.

Our fashion ar'tips: They will be very popular to dress official and elegant outfits (wedding, birthday, cocktail ...). These curls will delight women with square, rectangular, round faces, or even the boyish cut (provided you choose the right size of Creole and the right shape. Avoid round Creoles for round faces and square Creoles for square faces...). Be careful, however, not to wear large necklaces or bracelets with already imposing buckles to avoid any lack of taste.

The half Creoles

These loops are close to Creoles, but unlike their counterparts, they do not close completely. Let me explain, these are actually 'halves' of rings. In addition, they are finer and more delicate than classical Creoles, half-Creoles are very often more worked.

Our fashion ar'tips: The half Creoles are doing wonderfully with gala or evening outfits quite chic and sober. They are elegant and bring that touch of femininity and sensuality that will make you a femme fatale.

Think of personalising your jewellery at Art'emi

Artémi has an engraving workshop that allows you to personalise your ring. Over the years, its jewellery shop has become a reference in jewellery engraving. Would you like to have a name engraved? A date? Initials? Artémi can personalise anything you wish. It has the necessary know-how to engrave your ring on silver or gold. An engraved ring is often symbolic and represents something very personal. You will have a unique piece of jewellery that reflects you.

If you want to give a gift to a loved one, a personalised ring is an original, personal and unique idea. Engraving is an excellent way to personalise a gift. It transforms a simple piece of jewellery into an original and unique creation.

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More than just a jewel, it is a real accessory! They attach to two places in the ear, the two attachment being most of the time connected by a chain. It is an accessory that is worn most of the time in a mismatched way. Indeed, it is an elegant and very feminine jewel, which allows to assert its style.

Our fashion ar'tips: these curls will delight women looking for elegance but especially originality. Indeed, they sublimate chic outfits but are also worn with your vaporous summer dresses. Perfect for festivals, they are your allies of the summer.

The different clasps of earrings

These fasteners ensure comfort and safety.

These earrings are made for those who do not have pierced ears and do not wish to take the plunge. They are aptly named since they simply clip on the earlobe, in the mode of a small pliers, and without pain. They allow everyone to add a touch of fantasy to an outfit.

These are the most well-known and used clasps. With ear nails, hanging loops or creoles.... they can be found everywhere! In addition, it is the safest clasp because it is composed of a rod that crosses and a stroller (or butterfly clasp), which slips and adjusts on this rod to hold the earring.

These are the simplest clasps to use because it is enough to simply insert the rod into the hole of its lobe. Although very practical, it is not necessarily the most secure. Be sure to fix your curls well to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the day. Fortunately, the stems used are often long to avoid losing them.

Sleepers look like hooks with an extra attachment on the back. Hooks are mainly used for longer loops, and sleepers for shorter curls. This type of clasp was previously worn at night, to prevent the hole in the lobe from becoming resealed, hence the name sleepers.

Maintenance, advice, earrings man: the loop is complete!

Earrings are mostly associated with women. However, we see more and more models for men appearing. In order to take care of oneself and assert one's style, earrings have become an indispensable accessory, even for these gentlemen.

In addition, earrings are fragile and delicate jewels, which must be taken care of and especially maintained. First of all, it is strongly advised not to wear them at night, so as not to damage them and not to hurt yourself. Finally, also regularly remember to clean and disinfect their clasps and stems with a little alcohol (once a month would be ideal, but also when it comes to a new model)

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