How to choose your necklace size and how to wear it?

At Art'emi, we want you to find a necklace that fits your neck. We know how difficult it is to know which necklace to choose for your body type. That's why we've put together a little guide to necklace sizes, which we hope you'll find useful. For each kind of necklace, we also tell you what kind of outfit it will look best with. But first, here are some techniques to measure your neck size. In addition to that, Art'emi's size guide also gives you some tips to make sure you select the right size ring, earrings and bracelets.

Trust Artemi, an expert in the jewelry field, to guide you in choosing the right necklace size. In this guide, she explains in detail each method of choosing a necklace size. This way, you will be able to order a necklace that fits your bust perfectly.

Our guide to women's necklace size and men's necklace size: trust Artemi, an experienced jeweler

To know how to measure the size of a woman's necklace or a man's necklace, Artemi offers you several simple and reliable tips. Indeed, she has been working in the field of jewelry for several years now. She has acquired a real know-how that makes Art'emi an authentic and refined jewelry brand.

Art'emi is also a story of passion. From her earliest childhood to the opening of her workshop, she has always been fascinated by jewelry. Today, she has made it her profession. She designs entirely handmade jewelry.

You are wondering how to know the size of your necklace. Thanks to its expertise and experience, Artemi has decided to create several guides to help you in your choices. For example, the size guide for earrings or the size guide for rings. But in this article, you will find a complete necklace sizing guide with simple tips to do at home. 

In addition, Art'emi online store offers different sizes of jewelry, ranging from 42 to 70 cm for women, men and children necklaces, chains and necklaces. So, if you don't know how to measure the size for a necklace, no problem. This women's necklace size guide and men's necklace size guide is for you.

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How to measure your neck circumference ?

  • The first technique, and probably the simplest, is to refer to a necklace you already own and measure it. 

  • The second is to use a meter, tape or string. Place the latter gently around the neck, just above the collarbones, to take the circumference. Then place the ribbon or string on one meter to know the length. That's it!
    • Finally, the third solution is none other than to go to a professional.

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    The necklace flush with the neck: from 30 to 35 cm

    It is THE necklace suitable for pendants of small sizes. Its delicate chain can also be worn alone, for a sleek, sexy, and refined style. It is a thin necklace that is worn halfway up the neck and is suitable for angular faces (square, rectangular or oval) or long thin necks.

    The little fashion ar'tips : the neck shaves go very well with round necks, boat and bardot collars, bustiers and tops with bare shoulders. For an even more elaborate style, it is quite possible to associate it with another longer necklace, such as a princess necklace or a necklace. It is the necklace that wants to be glamorous and seductive. 

    The choker: from 35 cm to 43 cm

    The choker is a short necklace, which also adapts to small pendants. However, it can be declined in several thicknesses, in order to give character to your style. It is particularly suitable for angular faces (square, rectangular or oval) or long thin necks.

    The little ar'tips mode : the choker is worn with everything! No need to procrastinate, it will highlight all your outfits, whether chic or casual. There are chokers for every occasion. It is particularly suitable for round necks, necklines, boats and tops with bare or asymmetrical shoulders. 

    The princess: from 43 cm to 50 cm

    The princess necklace is the most common and worn necklace. It is absolutely suitable for all morphologies, this is undoubtedly what makes it our main ally on a daily basis. This jewel can very well be a simple chain, a necklace with pendant or a more imposing and massive necklace. It is to be declined endlessly and brings charm and femininity!

    The little fashion ar'tips : the princess necklace is worn with everything. He will be able to highlight V-necks, sweaters and turtlenecks or plunging necklines...

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    The necklace or "morning necklace": from 50 cm to 70 cm

    The necklace is a necklace particularly suitable for round faces, or women with " no neck ". Its length allows it to create an illusion of lengthening the bust. All necklaces or longer are nevertheless to be avoided for women with long thin necks. The necklace adjusts to the birth of the chest, which it will highlight.

    The little fashion ar'tips: the necklace dresses as much the big sweaters or turtlenecks, as the elegant and chic outfits, such as the suits or the dresses. It is a necklace suitable for occasions. It combines perfectly with strapless tops as well as clam collars. For more madness, do not hesitate to play on the overlay.

    The opera: from 70 cm to 90 cm

    The opera necklace is suitable for all morphologies, except women with long thin necks. Just like the necklace, it can sublimate a casual or chic outfit. It also lengthens the neck and highlights the chest.

    The little fashion ar'tipsit will be perfect with low-cut clothes. From the V-neck to the necklines with deep and plunging necklines, he sublimates them all! Its name also indicates that it is the ideal necklace for second-hand parties. It is sublime on a long evening dress. It draws attention to the neckline and the middle of the bust.

    Rope: 90 cm and more

    The rope necklace is suitable for all morphologies but especially for round faces and planturous women. It is to be avoided for women with long and thin necks, or tall and thin women because it tends to lengthen the figure.

    The little fashion ar'tipsthe rope necklace gives a vintage side to an outfit. It is also an elegant accessory. It can be worn in superposition with other necklaces. It is the ally of tunics and long dresses or men's shirt dresses. The rope collar draws the eye to the hips.

    Think of personalizing your necklace at Art'emi

    Artemi has an engraving workshop that allows you to personalize your pendant. Over the years, its jewelry store has become a reference in jewelry engraving. You wish to have a name engraved? A date? Initials? Artemi personalizes what you want. She has the necessary know-how to engrave your pendant on silver or gold. An engraved necklace is often symbolic and represents something very personal. You will have a unique piece of jewelry that reflects you.

    If you want to give a gift to a loved one, a personalized necklace is an original, personal and unique idea. Engraving is an excellent way to personalize a gift. It transforms a simple piece of jewelry into an original and unique creation. 

    Finally, after consulting our necklace size guide, you will know what length of chain best suits you. All you have to do is order a necklace from our online store. In any case, if you encounter any difficulties or if you have any doubts about your measurement, we remain at your disposal by email or by phone.

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