Size guide : rings

How do I know my ring size ?

There is always a good opportunity to offer yourself and/or be offered a ring. I swear to you. Birthdays, exams, new job, new life, certain moments deserve a special intention. You're on the internet (as usual, bravo!) And this is the tragedy ! You just fell for a pretty ring while shopping. The great intergalactic problem is that you don't know your finger size. Too bad, isn't it? Afterwards, I will tell you that it's like your shoe size, you have to measure your ring size, to avoid choosing a jewel too small or too wide.

There are several ways to measure the size of a ring. But first of all, make sure that this article is prominently displayed on your computer, in case your darling comes across it... by chance!

Art'emi's tip: If you want to acquire a thin ring, choose your usual ring size. On the other hand, if you choose a ring 3 to 5 mm thick, such as the large curved silver ring for women, consider taking the size just above!

Here are the solutions we propose to measure your ring size :

  • Use a paper or virtual ring binder (think of the planet!). To use it, it's simple ! Indeed, all you have to do is print the ring tree and place one of your rings (already at the right size) on the circle that comes closest to it. In addition, the drawing of the circle should appear slightly inside your ring, as you must measure the inside diameter of your ring. Finally, if you hesitate between two measures, choose the larger one.

Virtual Ring Tree

Rings size guide

  • Measure the circumference of his finger. Take a tape measure and put it around the finger that will wear the ring at the joint (where the finger is thickest). Read the value. Also, remember to take measurements at the end of the day, when your fingers are most swollen. If you do not have a tape measure, use a string or a measuring tape instead... Go around your finger, mark the limits and transfer the measurement to a graduated ruler to find out the circumference. 
  • Go to a professional. The easiest way is to go to a professional, who can calculate exactly the right size for each of your fingers. In addition, the service is often free and the jewellers can advise you directly, depending on the ring model you are looking for. 

In addition, for our English-speaking friends, refer to the conversion table of ring sizes below:

Rings size by country

Finally, rings are a bit like shoes, there are several models. All you have to do now is choose and draw your card to enjoy the pretty Art'emi rings !