How to choose the right bracelet size?

Worn by men and women, the bracelet was a little neglected in favor of earrings and necklace. However, in recent years, this jewel has once again returned to the forefront. Here is a small user manual of the size guide for bracelet.

The size of the bracelet is an important element that should be chosen carefully so that the bracelet can be worn without risk of losing it or without discomfort. A bad size of bracelet will be annoying and you risk, if the latter is too large, to lose it.

Artémi explains below how to best find your bracelet size.

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Our guide to women's bracelet size and men's bracelet size: trust Artemi, an experienced jeweler

To know how to measure the size of a woman's bracelet or a man's bracelet, Artemi offers you several simple and reliable tips. Indeed, she has been working in the field of jewelry for several years now. She has acquired a real know-how that makes Art'emi an authentic and refined jewelry brand.

Art'emi is also a story of passion. From her earliest childhood to the opening of her workshop, she has always been fascinated by jewelry. Today, she has made it her profession. She designs entirely handmade jewelry.

You are wondering how to know your bracelet size. Thanks to its expertise and experience, Artemi has decided to create several guides to help you in your choices. Like for example the earrings size guide or the necklaces size guide. But in this article, you will find a complete bracelet sizing guide with simple tips to do at home. 

In addition, the Art'emi online store offers different sizes of jewelry. The bracelets are, for the most part, adjustable and scalable. So, if you don't know how to measure the size for a bracelet, no problem. This bracelet size guide for women and bracelet size for men is made for you.

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How to measure your wrist?

There are several ways to measure the size of a bracelet. But above all, make sure that this article is prominently displayed on your computer, in case your darling falls on it... by chance!

The size of the wrist is paramount so that you can choose the bracelet that suits you best. To measure a wrist there is not 36,000 solution. You will need a tape measure or, failing that, a string and a ruler.

  • To begin with, you need to go around your wrist, taking care to leave a finger between your skin and the meter or string. If you are measuring with a string, report the length of the necessary wire on a ruler to know the length. On the other hand, if you want to have a bracelet with a loose wearing, you can add 1 centimeter to this measure. On the other hand, if you want a fairly ample port, you can go up to two centimeters more. Beyond that, you take the risk of having a bracelet that is too loose and you will risk losing it.
  • Then, for rigid bracelets (rushes), it is not enough to know its wrist size. You should also measure the size of your hand to make sure it passes through the bracelet.
  • Also remember to go see your jeweler, he is the best placed to help you and it is often free.

Zoom in on standard bracelet sizes

If you have to make a gift to a person, it is sometimes complicated to take the measure of a wrist without raising suspicions! So that you can get an idea of the standard measurements for bracelets, below we give you the standard measurements for women, men and children so that you know which size to choose.

Bracelets for women. The size of women's wrists varies depending on the morphology of the person. However, it can be assumed as a basis that the standard size of a bracelet for women is around 19 cm. If you want a full wearing, you can opt for a bracelet of 20 centimeters.

Bracelets for men. Bracelets for men have a size of about 20-21 cm long. The smallest sizes can be 18.5 cm and the largest ones 23 cm. It will be necessary in this panel to adjust the choice of the length of the bracelet to the morphology of the man to whom you want to make a gift.

Bracelets for children. Newborn, child or adolescent, the size of wrists will not be the same. For newborns, the gourmets and bracelets you will find will have sizes between 14 and 16 cm. If you are smart you will move towards a model with rings of fasteners located at different levels, thus allowing you to have an evolving bracelet during the first years of life. As for bracelets for children / teenager, these will have a size between 16 and 18 centimeters. Here again, you can opt for a two-ring clasp system allowing the bracelet to be adapted to the child's evolution.

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So, if you have understood, choosing a bracelet with several fasteners (scalable) is the right plan!

A size that changes over time: your bracelet adapts to your evolutions

The years pass and our morphologies evolve in different directions. Whether we gain weight or lose weight, jewelry remains and it is possible to make it evolve with us. Enlargement and / or reduction of bracelets are possible thanks to the know-how of art'emi. Do not hesitate to entrust the Brussels jewelry store with the jewelry that you want to see evolve with you. We will be able to offer you adapted solutions so that you can wear your jewelry every day.

Think of personalizing your bracelet at Art'emi

Artemi has an engraving workshop that allows you to personalize your bracelet. Over the years, its jewelry store has become a reference in jewelry engraving. You wish to have a name engraved? A date? Initials? Artemi personalizes what you want. You will find on our site several types of customizable jewelry: ring, earring, bracelet, necklace, key chain, bracelet, pendant, necklace but also cufflink, tie clip and collar stays. Artemi has the know-how to engrave your bracelet on silver or gold. An engraved bracelet is often symbolic and represents something very personal. You will have a unique piece of jewelry that reflects you.

If you want to make a gift to a loved one, a personalized bracelet is an original, personal and unique idea. Engraving is an excellent way to personalize a gift. It transforms a simple piece of jewelry into an original and unique creation. 

Finally, after consulting our bracelet size guide, you will know how to measure your wrist size. All you have to do is order a bracelet from our online store that fits your wrist. In any case, if you encounter any difficulties or if you have any doubts about your measurement, we remain at your disposal by email or by phone. 

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