Long necklace medallion woman
    • Long necklace medallion woman
    • Long necklace medallion woman
    • Long necklace medallion woman

    Long necklace medallion woman


    Massive silver 925

    Gold-plated - vermeil

    Chain length: 80 cm

    Medal in mother-of-pearl

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    Women's medal jumping necklace: a graceful necklace

    This gold-plated women's medal jumping necklace is a jewel synonymous with elegance that you can't miss. It consists of a fine mesh chain and an adorable medallion on which there is a pair of beaked birds. It will perfectly suit nostalgic, delicate and passionate women. It is a necklace that will bring a vintage, but trendy touch to your outfits.

    When art'emi meets the money

    The Brussels jewelry store art'emi offers quality jewelry made from exceptional materials. Here, the chain of the women's medal jumping collar is made from vermeil. This is silver 925 having received a gold plating of a minimum thickness of 3 microns. The process is called electrolysis. The gold used for plating is 18-carat gold, consisting of at least 75% pure gold. In addition, vermeil gives no allergy since it is silver covered with gold, two anallergic metals! Finally, another advantage of vermeil is that it has exceptional strength.

    Nevertheless, mother-of-pearl is also in the spotlight with the necklace medal. Mother-of-pearl is a biocomposite, synthesized by molluscs throughout their existence by lining the inside of their shells. The word "mother-of-pearl" comes from the Arabic "naqqara". In English, it is called after the name given to it by the first Queen Elizabeth: mother-of-pearl (mother of pearls).

    The necklace jumper medal with birds in love woman, a concentrate of tenderness

    The sentimental and poetic aspect of this women's medal jumping necklace will make it a jewel that will find grace in your eyes. It inspires you to daydream, love and freedom. We also remind you that you can have all of our creations delivered to you free of charge throughout Europe. In addition, the package will arrive with a certificate of authenticity and a one-year warranty. Finally, we remain at your disposal to answer all your questions.

    Also succumb to the irresistible charm of our splendid earrings birds in love.

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