Necklace pink silver personalized woman

99,00 €

925 sterling silver 
Rose Quartz ball-shaped and pink flower 
Mother of Pearl butterfly 
Length of the chain: 60 cm 
Length of the pendant: 15 mm

Free engraving 


New product

Necklace pink silver personalized woman - a jewel in pink quartz customizable

Are you looking for a necklace that will perfect all your outfits? Our art'emi jewelry store invites you to discover its magnificent pink silver necklace personalized woman. This jewel combines femininity and elegance to enhance your cleavage. This necklace is suitable for all occasions, you can wear it with a sober outfit, but also for a special event.

Personalized pink silver necklace for women - your necklace

Art'emi jewelry has a wide range of customizable products and the pink silver necklace is one of them. You can, therefore, customize this jewel as you wish. You can have a word, number or date written on it that is important to you. As a result, personalization makes your jewelry unique. We offer several different typographies for the engravings. If you wish to offer this necklace, know that the personalization of a piece of jewelry is small attention that always pleases the person who receives it.

Materials of the necklace pink silver necklace personalized woman

Pink quartz is part of the large family of silicate-tectosilicates. It has a transparent to opaque appearance, a vitreous or even white luster and often appears cracked. It should be noted that the most beautiful stones come from Madagascar and Brazil. Meaning "love", they correspond to the signs of the zodiac of Taurus and Libra. As an anecdote, the Chinese usually put pieces of pink quartz in the foundations of their homes during construction to bring good luck to the home.

Mother-of-pearl is bio-composite, synthesized by mollusks throughout their existence and lining the inside of their shells. It is the thin layers of aragonite that cause the effect of iridescence and its luster is pearly. The word "mother-of-pearl" comes from the Arabic "naqqarah". Queen Elizabeth gave it the following name: mother of pearl, which means mother of pearls.

If you have any questions or specific requests regarding the personalization of this jewel, you can send us an e-mail or visit us in store.

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35,00 €
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Customizable necklaces for women: the originality for your necklaces

Obviously, it is becoming difficult to find a necklace that is both unique and original. Indeed, many jewellers use the same design and style to create and manufacture their necklaces. As a result, it is not uncommon to meet someone who wears a necklace similar to yours. Now, thanks to art'emi jewellery, that time is over. In fact, we design and manufacture for you customizable women's necklaces, inventive and elegant, for a sublime cleavage.

Art'emi's expertise for the creation of your customizable women's necklaces

The art'emi jewellery store has acquired a certain experience over time. Indeed, she has been working for many years now in the creation of various accessories. And now, she is more particularly interested in customizing necklaces so that you can finally find the one that really suits you. In addition, you can view and order these customizable necklaces on our website. In addition, we can personally advise you on the selection of your necklace so that it is representative of your person.

Art'emi and its customizable women's necklaces

It is important to note that art'emi works with many different materials. We manufacture necklaces and necklaces in both silver and gold plated. Jewellery designed to satisfy all women. Then, we can customize your necklaces in many ways. The customizable necklaces for women are more than just jewellery: art'emi offers you unique and inimitable creations.

Thanks to the engravings and the uniqueness of this jewel, you will be able to remember unique moments in your life. So if you want to offer a necklace that is both elegant and chic, call art'emi. Dare to give unique gifts with art'emi jewellery. Also discover our superb women's customizable bracelets and our women's customizable key rings.