You had a hard time entrusting your family jewelry to someone to clean up? Artemy shows you how to clean your jewelry with professional tricks. These are the fruits of quality work.

How to clean your jewel by polishing?

Why polish your favorite piece of jewelry? This is indeed the last step in the manufacture of a jewel to bring it all its beauty and give this shiny appearance to the metal that is used.

Polishing is also widely used to give your jewel the sparkle of its early days. That's why Art'emi puts itself at your service by offering you operations that revive the youth and brilliance of your ring, bracelet, necklace and any other accessory that is close to your heart, but which are worked with noble materials like silver, gold and platinum.

Complete cleaning with professional products, but also thanks to its polishing machine, your designer will restore shine and elegance to each of the jewels that pass through her hands. Repairing, caring for and nurturing your wonders are the watchwords of Art'emi.

By rhodiage

Do your white gold jewelry tend to lose its luster over the years? Rhodiage can remedy this problem.

Indeed, this technique allows them to be revived after a good polishing. This is thanks to the deposit of a thin layer of rhodium,which is a rare metal, on the surface of the jewel. But the rhodiage at Art'emi doesn't stop there!

Changing the color of your jewel may be another use:

  • A white gold jewel can turn into yellow gold (and vice versa).
  • A white gold jewel can become a rose gold jewel (and vice versa).
  • But also, rhodiage can make it possible to go from a dull white gold to a shiny and bright gold bench.

Thanks to her many experiences in the jewelry world, our designer finds all the ways to make your jewelry travel through the ages. That's why you may keep your childhood jewelry throughout your life.

Your jeweller will be happy to answer all your questions about the techniques used in our Brussels workshop. From your call or message, you will get a taste of Artemi Vasilakis' passion for jewelry, but also of all the techniques she uses to give a second life to all your jewelry.

By ultrasound

Jewellers prefer ultrasonic jewelry cleaning to remove dirt in depth. Some parts of the jewel are not accessible for manual cleaning, which is why the technique is widely used. This technology can clean your rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces right down to every nook and cran at all.