Cotton in Art'emi's creations

Cotton is THE material used in our daily life. It is very simple, we find it everywhere ... and even in jewelry! Very light and easy to wear, it is a pleasant and malleable fabric. Don't be shy, we explain everything about it! 

The jeweler Artemi makes many of her creations using cotton and solid silver combined. You can find in our collection several bracelets made from these raw materials. Cotton has now become an essential in the creation of all types of fashion accessories.

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    - Like for example the macramé bracelet, available for women, men and children in several colors. There is also a variation of this bracelet with pearls.

    - You will also find the jewel drop or curb chain for the whole family. Always in several colors.

    - Other versions exist, with a shell, a seahorse, an octopus to accessorize all your summer looks. 

    Its history and origins

    Cotton is a natural plant fiber that surrounds the seeds of the cotton plant. It is the most used material in the world in the textile industry. The cotton fiber is transformed into yarn in order to make fabric. It is used in clothing, furniture, automotive, jewelry ...

    The use of cotton goes back thousands of years. The Egyptians already used it more than 12,000 years before Christ. It is from the 15th century that it takes its importance in Europe, especially in Barcelona, Bruges and Ghent. It develops thereafter in America, with its numerous plantations. In 1764, the first spinning machine appeared. It will come to revolutionize the industry. Finally, at the beginning of the 19th century, Joseph Jacquard invented the famous automatic loom that we all know.

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    The cotton before arriving in our workshop

    This material is created in the form of a perennial plant that can grow up to ten meters and can live more than 10 years. The large flowers that grow on the cotton plant produce capsule-shaped fruits. Each capsule contains about 30 seeds, distributed in 4 to 5 compartments. Once ripe, these capsules open to let the seeds escape, wrapped in a ball of absorbent cotton. Then comes the stage of the collection, which can be manual or mechanical, in order to bring the cotton capsules in a factory.

    First, the bolls are shaken to remove impurities such as leaves or stems. Then comes the ginning where the cotton fiber is separated from the seed. Finally, the cotton goes through a cleaning stage to remove the remaining small impurities. The fibers are then compressed to form bales of cotton weighing several hundred kilograms that will be sent to the textile mills that will produce the cotton fabric.

    The specificities, the maintenance and the meanings of cotton

    Cotton is a material that has a lot of advantages. Firstly, it has an impressive absorption capacity. Indeed, it can absorb up to 8.5% of its weight in water. Secondly, it also has an insulating power, which protects us from the cold outside and retains the heat of our body inside. And last but not least, it is heat resistant! No need to worry about your cotton bracelet. As you have read, it is a very resistant fabric that will accompany you whatever you do.

    Regarding its maintenance, it is a fabric that can go through the washing machine. On the other hand, we do not advise you to put your set in the machine because silver pendants or pendants with a semi-precious stone such as mother of pearl could be damaged.

    Don't hesitate to turn to our beautiful cotton creations to celebrate your cotton wedding anniversary. Cherish your loved one, choose Art'emi jewelry.

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