Silver sublimated in Art'emi's jewelry

Silver has been used for thousands of years in various civilizations for ornaments, utensils, medicine, trade and the monetary system. However, it has always held second place to gold, which is rarer and more fascinating for its color and brilliance close to the sun. The moon is to silver what gold is to the sun.

Silver has long been considered a precious metal. Until the third millennium, it seemed to be more valuable than gold, which was more often found in nugget form. In its pure state, it is the whitest of metals, reflecting 97% of its light. Very early in history, gold was therefore associated with the sun and silver became its counterpart, the moon. It is therefore very often symbolized by a crescent moon. This relationship between silver and moon makes this metal the feminine symbol of softness, purity, cold, fertility... Silver has therefore been the symbol of many goddesses linked to the moon such as Artemis for the Greeks, Isis for the Egyptians, Auchimalgen for the Chileans...

Origin and birth of this metal

The word silver comes from the Latin "argentum" and means "white, bright". By definition, pure silver must contain 99 to 100% silver. But in the field of jewelry, this is not possible, because it is too soft. That's why one or more other metals are added to make it harder, usually copper.

Each piece of gold, silver and platinum jewelry must have a hallmark. This is a mark affixed by the jeweler during the creation of a jewel. The 925 hallmark is the most common. It means that your jewel has a high concentration of silver, 925 g for 1 kg of silver.

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For our Art'emi jewelry, we mainly use "925 silver". This designation simply means that the jewelry is made of real silver as opposed to silver plating. It consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. 

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A multi-faceted metal

But we do not find this metal only in jewelry. About 70% of its world production is used in monetary production, another good part is used in goldsmithing, and a small percentage in photography (radiography field) and chemistry (it is a conductive element).

Wearing jewelry is a human habit as old as the dawn of time. Going back in history, we find among the most ancient peoples the preoccupation to adorn themselves with jewelry made of precious metals like silver or gold. It expresses our tastes and symbolizes what we choose to show to others. It goes very well with every type of stone and different clothing combinations. It is a metal with which one cannot make a mistake of taste!

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How to care for your silver jewelry, Artemi's advice

Finally, if you want to know how to clean it, why it has blackened? Find all our tips and tricks on the following button to restore your earrings to their full glory.

The benefits of your ornaments

In lithotherapy, silver brings assurance and self-confidence. It is also attributed a charm to those who wear it. Moreover, it helps to cure infections and to look after the wounds. Finally, it strengthens the immune system...

If you are looking for a jewelry engraving workshop in Brussels, welcome to Art'emi. In addition to offering you a variety of unique and original creations, we also offer you the possibility to personalize your jewelry. Thanks to our engraving workshop in Brussels, you are free to engrave a name, a date, a drawing or a text on your jewelry in only 24 hours.

To create an engraving on your signet ring, on your ring, on your chain bracelet or on your watch, our jewelry store in Brussels has the necessary experience and know-how. From personalized engravings on silver to engravings on stone or metal: we are able to engrave all types of jewelry.

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Engraving to personalize your silver jewelry

Personalizing a piece of jewelry is a great way to make your bracelet, bracelet bracelet or medal unique. 

By choosing engraving, you opt for originality. In addition to that, an engraved jewel is often symbolic. Depending on the message you write on it, your jewel will have a very strong sentimental value. 

Thus, in addition to being aesthetically refined, your jewel will carry a unique message. This is why engraved jewelry is such a special gift. 

If you wish, we can advise you on the ideal engraving to do on your jewelry. Depending on the material, the shape, the type of jewelry and the meaning you want to give to your engraved jewelry, we give you ideas of engravings for a woman's jewelry, a man's jewelry or for a gift to offer to your partner for example. 

Nevertheless, you are the only one to decide: we make the engraving you want. At Art'emi, we want to create a jewel that looks like you.

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