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Gold is the most precious metal used in jewelry. Indeed, its color is a symbol of elegance and refinement. It is a timeless and timeless material, a sure value that will undoubtedly cross generations. A gold jewel is an emotional investment. This metal can be worn for all occasions: work, walk, evening or even engagement. And in all forms too: gold pendant, gold necklace, gold wedding ring, gold bracelet, gold chain, gold ring or even gold earrings. Come and learn more about this amazing precious metal through this page carefully crafted by our jewelry store. 

The history and origins of gold

The word "gold" comes from the Latin "aurum" which means "to shine". It is yellow in color with golden highlights. It is a metal that does not oxidize or tarnish, which makes it particularly resistant. It is also very malleable and can be easily deformed by stretching or hammering. It is therefore easy to use in jewelry. A large part of the production of this metal comes from China, followed by Australia and the United States, South Africa, Peru, Ghana and Indonesia. It should be noted that the largest gold mine in the world is located in Uzbekistan.

Gold has always been used by all civilizations, even the most ancient (in India and Mesopotamia for example). It was used to make art objects and jewelry. It later became a currency, thanks to the Greeks. Another important historical event related to this metal is none other than the discovery of "El Dorado". Indeed, the Incas worshiped gold, which they associated with their Sun God. This city of gold was plundered by the conquistadors thereafter.

A little bit of myths and legends now! One of the most famous myths is that of the Golden Fleece of Jason, which represents immortality and power. Moreover, we also know the one of King Midas, who has the gift to change what he touches into gold. He fascinates, even in myths and legends.

Its specificities and meanings

As mentioned above, gold is a very malleable metal: meaning easy to shape. It is easily used in jewelry alone or combined with other metals. Thus, the final color of the jewel will depend on the alloy. We can find different shades:

- Yellow gold, the most famous is an alloy between copper and fine silver

- White gold, very elegant, is an alloy between palladium and silver

- Pink gold, very feminine, is an alloy between copper rosette and fine silver

- Green gold, is an alloy with fine silver only

- Red gold, an alloy with copper rosette

- Blue gold, an alloy with iron

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    In addition, gold jewelry has different hallmarks depending on its weight in gold. They are mandatory if the jewel weighs more than 3 grams. The main hallmarks of guarantee are the following:

    - a Trefoil hallmark for gold 375 thousandths (9 carats)

    - a Coquille Saint-Jacques hallmark for gold 585 thousandths (14 carats)

    - an Eagle Head hallmark for 750 thousandths gold (18 carats)

    Of course, gold jewelry can be combined with precious or semi-precious stones. Thus, with white gold, we will use aquamarine, amethyst, blue topaz, and even diamond. For yellow gold, we prefer emerald, ruby or sapphire.

    How to maintain your gold jewelry, Artemi's advice

    Regarding the maintenance of jewelry, this metal certainly requires little maintenance, but to overcome the wear of time and the fact that it tarnishes, use soapy water and rub with a cloth or a soft toothbrush. For more details on the maintenance of gold jewelry, go to the following page, we explain everything.

    The benefits of your ornaments

    Finally, we can mention the benefits of this metal. Indeed, in addition to sublimating you, this metal benefits from many advantages. In lithotherapy, for example, it is a metal associated with good blood circulation, healing and vision problems. It also helps to see the best in everything and to stay positive in order to see the beauty of the world.

    If you are looking for a jewelry engraving workshop in Brussels, welcome to Art'emi. In addition to offering you a variety of unique and original creations, we also offer you the possibility to personalize your jewelry. Thanks to our engraving workshop in Brussels, you are free to engrave a name, a date, a drawing or a text on your jewelry in only 24 hours.

    To create an engraving on your signet ring, on your ring, on your chain bracelet or on your watch, our jewelry store in Brussels has the necessary experience and know-how. From personalized engravings on silver to engravings on stone or metal: we are able to engrave all types of jewelry.

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    Engraving to personalize your gold jewel

    Personalizing a piece of jewelry is a great way to make your bracelet, bracelet bracelet or medal unique. 

    By choosing engraving, you opt for originality. In addition to that, an engraved jewel is often symbolic. Depending on the message you write on it, your jewel will have a very strong sentimental value. 

    Thus, in addition to being aesthetically refined, your jewel will carry a unique message. This is why engraved jewelry is such a special gift. 

    If you wish, we can advise you on the ideal engraving to do on your jewelry. Depending on the material, the shape, the type of jewelry and the meaning you want to give to your engraved jewelry, we give you ideas of engravings for a woman's jewelry, a man's jewelry or for a gift to offer to your partner for example. 

    Nevertheless, you are the only one to decide: we make the engraving you want. At Art'emi, we want to create a jewel that looks like you.

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