Mother-of-pearl honored by Art'emi

Ah the good oyster... after eating it, take the time to admire the interior of his home! Blue, pearly pink lines the shell... yet it is not pigments or dyes that give these colors. Indeed, mother-of-pearl is a natural organic phenomenon (and not a mineral as one might think). Very hard, it is deposited in thin superimposed layers that cover the inside of the shell. It is the oyster itself that secretes these layers made of aragonite.  

Mother-of-pearl, a fine stone in the color of the rainbow

The word " mother-of-pearl " comes from the Arabic " naqqara ". In English, it was called after Queen Elizabeth I gave it its name " Mother-of-Pearl ".

Finally, mother-of-pearl  is the inner coating, with iridescent (rainbow) reflections , of certain mollusc shells such as oysters and abalone. Biosynthesized by the mantle and composed of aragonite crystals bound by a protein called conchyolin. It is the thin layers of aragonite that cause the iridescence effect, these pretty reflections of mother-of-pearl that change according to the angle of observation.

In addition, the milky color and theiridescent, exceptional elements of mother-of-pearl quickly made it very popular in the manufacture of jewelry, but also buttons, musical instruments (many luthiers use it to personalize instruments. Although expensive, the result is often very beautiful and transforms the instrument into a real work of art), and other decorative or fashion objects.

Finally for the Greeks, this stone is a symbol of love, and they offered their beloved a jewel in worked mother-of-pearl. Catholics also love it, because it symbolizes purity and gentleness. In addition, they use it to make effigies of the Virgin or rosaries. For Polynesians, mother-of-pearl is considered the marine reflection of divinity, " the smile of the gods "...

A surprising marriage between the whiteness of the stone and the brilliance of the metal

For example, in lithotherapy, mother-of-pearl, by its milky color, would have maternal and protective virtues. It would gently protect from the aggressions of the external environment and bring calm and serenity. Thus, it would protect against bad influences and would be very reassuring.

Mother-of-pearl is organic, and therefore very sensitive to your environment. It is cleaned using warm water, soap and a soft brush to remove traces of dirt. What could be simpler? No need to go to Perpète-lès-Oies to get a magical product, everything is in your bathroom. Draw your brushes, please. The vast majority of mother-of-pearl jewelry is made of silver or white gold , but a few, in yellow gold, offer a surprising marriage between the pure whiteness of mother-of-pearl and the warm brilliance of metal.

Mother-of-pearl is a material that we recognize and love for its iridescent reflections. 

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