Tourmaline and art'emi's jewelry

Do you want a piece of jewelry that evokes the arrival of spring? Pale pink or bright pink, the beauty of the tourmaline jewelry created by art'emi will blow your mind! Discover our tourmaline jewelry under the double sign of charm and elegance.

A whirlwind of colors with tourmaline

The name tourmaline comes from "thuramali" or "thoramalli" in Sinhala, the language of Sri Lanka, which means "stone of a thousand colors" or "stone of mixed colors". It contains several minerals from the silicate family. It is a crystal that comes in the form of a rod or elongated needle and is grouped in a network. It is a semi-precious stone very appreciated by its varieties of colors and its quality which can compete with precious stones. The latter has a translucent appearance with very varied colors depending on the other minerals in the vicinity that radiate it. For example, when exposed to the natural rays of granite, it will have a color varying from pale pink to red.

The word tourmaline is currently a generic word for all the varieties of colors of this stone. We can mention: Dravite (brown tourmaline), Paraïba (turquoise blue tourmaline, neon blue), Santa Rosa (emerald green tourmaline)... and the list is long. Today, these designations often give way to a simplified designation. The term "tourmaline" is used followed by its color.

Moreover, its beauty is not its only asset. Like diamonds, tourmaline has practical properties that make it not only suitable for jewelry but also for other applications. It has, among other things, pyroelectric properties that cause it to accumulate opposite electrical charges at its ends when heated. It can, therefore, be used to attract dust or small pieces of paper. It is therefore used in some appliances to eliminate static electricity.

In Sri Lanka, where the name of this semi-precious stone originated, a legend tells that tourmaline came down from the sky to Earth. During its descent, it would have crossed or slipped on a rainbow that would have given it its infinite variations of color. Hence its name meaning "the stone of a thousand colors".

A stone that you can't do without

The latter is present on all continents: in Africa (Kenya, Madagascar...), America (in the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil, California...), Asia (India, Nepal, Sri Lanka), Oceania (Australia), Europe (Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland). In France, it is found in the Massif Central, the Massif des Maures...

The electrical qualities of tourmaline give it a protective shield role. The surrounding static electricity and harmful microwave radiation from electrical devices, computers, and mobile phones are absorbed. You can use it in several places in your home, near or on the devices that transmit these waves (television, computer, etc.).

In lithotherapy, tourmaline is a mineral that has countless virtues. It has the power to calm dizziness and vertigo. Moreover, it is known to promote love and desire. Finally, it inspires you with peace and wisdom. This stone balances all your chakras but the pink tourmaline and watermelon targets, in particular, the heart chakra.

Tourmaline became the official birthstone of October in 1912. It is also the stone of the 52 years of marriage.