Turquoise and the Art'emi house

Turquoise stone, with its shades of lagoon blue, is one of the flagship stones of the beautiful season. In rings, braceletsearringspendants... turquoise still has as much effect. Since antiquity, the blue brilliance of turquoise has seduced men. Its blue color fascinates and hypnotizes anyone who looks at it. 

It is a stone that evokes the seas of the south, when the hues of the sky and the sea mingle so intimately that it is difficult to differentiate them.

Origins and legends of Turquoise

The origin of the turquoise stone is still unclear. This was originally called " Firuze " or " Ferozah " which means " Victorious ". It was brought back from Iran by the Turks and made its first appearance during the barter of venetian merchants. Moreover, it was during the Crusades that it took its name of " Turkish Stone " hence " turquoise ".

Turquoise is a unique and always different stone. Varying from blue to green, this stone never looks like its neighbor. This difference in color is explained by the amount of copper it contains. More technically, it is an opaque mineral species composed of phosphate hydrated copper and aluminum, giving it its blue color. The green color it sometimes sports is the result of iron impurities that replace aluminum. The more copper the stone contains, the bluer it will be and vice versa.

Turquoise is undoubtedly one of the most famous stones in the world. Nowadays, the success of turquoise is not denied, its reputation has been made. It appears in legends and superstitions in the 4 corners of the world. For North Americans, turquoise " the most precious and desired thing in the world " is widely used by the Navajo and Apache. They thought turquoise was pieces of sky that fell to the ground. Even today, it is a very important stone for them, because they equate it with the protection of the soul and body. In addition, their dreamcatchers are traditionally decorated with a turquoise supposed to represent the spider placed on its web. 

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Blue, a color that comes from the heavens

Everyday living standards, nothing blends better with the azure of turquoise than white metals, such as silver or white gold. In addition, all shades of blue blend very well with other stones, such as Lapis Lazuli or Moonstone or Larimar. Finally, clothing level, no worries about it, you have carte blanche so please yourself. So, no more excuses and release the turquoise that is in you !

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The benefits of this stone

Finally, in lithotherapy, turquoise is above all a protective and purifying stone. It gives its wearer protection against bad energies such as bad thoughts. The properties of turquoise stones are multiple, both physical and spiritual.

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