Red coral and art'emi jewelry

Coral is THE semi-precious stone to wear this summer! It is the stone not to be missed. It immediately brings us back to a wonderful summer by the sea. Its pretty orange-red reflections bring vitality and radiance to your outfits. Discover the range of its virtues, its uses, and the legends to which it is subjected.

Its history and origins

Coral finds its origins in the sea. It is a semi-precious marine stone found in clear, warm and calm waters. It is the marine animals that deposit a calcareous substance on its wall and allow it to obtain this rigidity and beautiful orange-red color. Each additional deposit allows him to grow further. This is how coral trees with multiple branches are formed. There are different types of coral whose shades vary according to their geographical origin: red from Japan or the Mediterranean, golden from China or black from the Pacific.

A little bit of history now. Traces of coral can be found in Neolithic tombs. This stone has therefore been used for many years. Indeed, men were fascinated by its color during Antiquity. They have in fact attributed him a magical power: the power to heal. It was already used at the time for making jewelry, medicines or amulets.

Let's move on to myths and legends! Coral is also called "Water Tree". The ancient cultures gave him the power to protect from the evil eye and stop bleeding. According to a Greek legend, coral was born from drops of blood spilled by the Medusa when Perseus cut off her head.

Discovering coral: use, maintenance, and meaning

You love your little coral jewel but don't know how to maintain it? That's fine, we'll tell you everything! Coral comes from the sea, so all you have to do is immerse it in saltwater. It is indeed the most natural treatment. Leave your jewelry overnight in this saltwater bath, and let the magic appear! They will have regained their radiance the next day. You can also add a tablespoon of baking soda. To polish your stones, once the saltwater bath is finished, use a soft cloth dipped in olive oil or sweet almond milk and gently polish your jewel.

In lithotherapy, red coral is associated with purifying and inner vitality virtues. It is a protector against negative energies. It is also very popular in meditation for relaxation and concentration. On the physical level, coral strengthens the heart and circulatory system.

Regarding astrology, coral is associated with the signs of Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces. It soothes, revitalizes and relaxes at the same time.