If you are looking for a jewelry engraving workshop in Brussels, welcome to art'emi . In addition to offering you a variety of unique and original creations, we also offer you the personalization of your jewelry . Thanks to our engraving workshop in Brussels, you are free to engrave a name, a date, a drawing or a text on your jewel in just 24 hours .

To create an engraving on your signet ring, on your ring , on your curb chain or on your watch, our jewelry store in Brussels has the necessary experience and know-how. From personalized engravings on silver to engravings on stone or metal: we are able to engrave any type of jewel .

Engraving to personalize your jewelry

Personalizing a piece of jewelry is a great way to make your bracelet, curb chain or medal unique. By choosing engraving, you are opting for originality. In addition to that, an engraved jewel is very often symbolic . Depending on the message you enter, your jewel will have a very strong sentimental value. Thus, in addition to being aesthetically refined, your jewelry will carry a unique message. This is also why engraved jewelry is such a special gift.

Engraving workshop in Belgium

Our jewelry engraving workshop in Brussels takes into account all your desires . If you wish, we advise you on the ideal engraving to do on your jewel. Depending on the material, shape, type of jewelry and the meaning you want to give your jewel engraved, we give you prints ideas for a woman jewel , of man or for a gift for your partner for example. However, you are the sole decision maker: we do the engraving you want.

At art'emi, we want to create a piece of jewelry that looks like you.


Our workshop in Brussels gives you ideas for engraving

At art'emi, we have on several occasions worked with people who wish to have their jewelry engraved, without knowing what message to write on it. If this is your case, rest assured, our experience in the field of engraving gives us the necessary keys to enlighten you on the subject.

The first thing to know is: who would you like to give this jewel to? Is it a piece of jewelry for you or a gift for your partner, best friend, or for your mom? Depending on the recipient, we are able to offer you a variety of models of engravings and ideas to be inscribed on your jewel . Thanks to this, you will have the inspiration to choose the text to engrave on your jewel that suits you best!

art'emi: a jewelry store in Brussels specializing in engraving

In Brussels, our jewelry store is a benchmark for jewelry engravings. We engrave each piece of jewelry with meticulousness and delicacy and that makes the difference. No matter what type of jewel you want to engrave, we have techniques that allow us to guarantee you excellent engraving. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, gourmettes, pendants or chains: each piece of jewelry deserves to be personalized.

Since 1995, we have showcased unique creations in our workshop in Brussels. Following the opening of our artisanal jewelry store, we immediately chose to create an engraving workshop to complete our offer. What we love most about printmaking is seeing the diversity of profiles that are interested in it. Men , women and children : regardless of age, gender or identity, the acquisition of an engraved jewel attracts a very diverse population. Our jewelry engraving workshop in Brussels works for a very diverse clientele and this is one of our main assets.

Engrave your jewelry but also your personal items!

In addition to jewelry, our engraving store in Brussels also offers you the possibility of personalizing your personal items: we provide engravings on keychains and plaques in Brussels. After all, every object deserves to be converted into a unique and original creation.

Our engraving workshop in Brussels combines professionalism , know-how and precision to offer you the jewel you have always dreamed of. Our wish is to offer you creations different from those you may have acquired in the past. This pushes us to offer you handmade , original and creative jewelry, made using remarkable technical expertise.

At art'emi, we seek to bring each of the jewels we offer you to life: engraving is one of the ways that allows us to achieve this.

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Our 10 engraving ideas

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