Ring size

How to choose your ring size

Art'emi Fine Jewelry offers you a range of ethical rings that you can find in different sizes.

To determine your ring size, Art'emi offers you four different methods:

1. Manually measure the circumference of the chosen finger,
2. Measure the size of a ring of yours with a ruler,
3. Use your virtual ring sizer,
4. Make the finger measured by aprofessional jeweler, 
5. Order your free ring sizer from Art’emi.

Ring size conversion table

Tableau Tailles des Bagues

1.    How to measure manually your finger circumference

  • Get a dress maker meter, cut a strip of paper or cut a piece of string of several centimeters.
  • Put this strip (or dress maker meter) around the finger that will carry the ring, at the most important phalanx level (it is often recommended to measure on the level of the second phalanx, in the middle of the finger).

Warning: please do not tighten too much the strip when you wrap your finger to make sure that the ring shall pass by the knuckles.  

  • Make a mark where the stripisjoined.
  • Unroll the strip and measure the marked lenght of the finger with a ruler (if this mark is between two graduations, please choose the upper graduation).

To find your correct ring size, please check our correlation table. Example: If the measured length is 5.4 cm, the size to order is the 54. 

Advices :

  •  Measure your finger in the late afternoon, when the temperature is higher.
    This is when your fingers are the most swollen.
    This will avoid choosing a ring that tightens you too much.
  • If you hesitate between two sizes, please choose the biggest.

2. Measure the diameter of your ring with a ruler

Measure the inside diameter (on the table, “Diamètre intérieur”) of one of your rings with a ruler or with a caliper and note the corresponding size according to the correspondence table below.

Diamètre intérieur de Bague

3. Use a virtual ring sizer:

For a woman, the ring size is on average from 52 to 54 (sizes proposed by Art'emi).
To determine your ring size, use the virtual ring sizer below. Don’t forget to check first that the indicator is really measuring 10 cm on your screen. 

Baguier Virtuel

  • Put one of your rings (the one that best suits your finger) on top of the various circles of the ring sizer to determine your finger size.
  • Move your ring on the screen until you find its inner diameter. When the inside diameter of your ring matches exactly the inside diameter of one of the circles, you have found your correct finger size.

Note: the outside of the ring size line must be visible. If there is any doubt, choose the size above. Please    

         remember that the fingers tend to slightly swell in the warm weather...


4. Make the finger measured by a professional jeweler

The professional jeweler will use a ring sizer (a series of different ring sizes that she/he will try on your finger until the size you need is found) or a ring mandrel tool, a sort of conical tube in which a ring is slipped to measure its inner circumference.

  5.Order your free ring sizer at Art’emi


1. How?

By registering online on our website, by sending us a request via our customer service, or by sending us an email at the following address info@artemi.be and giving us your mail address.

2.What will I receive ?

You will receive this ring sizer that looks like a belt. Wrap it around your finger and pass the end through the loop to form a ring. Slide the finger inside the ring sizer. Adjust it well to your size.

Please be sure that this ring sizer glides easily over the finger knuckles. Read the graduation indicated when the ring is on the correct size. Note the indicated information or take a picture of the indicated ring size.

3.What should I do with this information?

Please send us your size by email, or if you prefer (to be sure and not to go wrong) you can send us the picture of the ring size indicated on the ring sizer.