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Looking for the perfect gift in Ypres to fill for entourage? A timeless gift that marks minds and hearts? Your jewelry store near Ypres presents Art'emi: its large collection of handmade jewelry will meet your desires. Indeed, from costume jewelry to customizable jewelry, there is something for all tastes and all budgets! Take advantage of our delivery service to quickly get what you need.

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Personalization and engraving of jewels: the specialty of Art'emi

Your jewelry store near Ypres offers you the opportunity to personalize your jewel according to your desires. A personalized jewel goes beyond the simple jewel: it is an original gift that marks the spirits. 

In addition, Art'emi offers to engrave for free on your jewel the souvenir of your choice. A date of birth, a symbol, a drawing or first names, this freedom belongs to you!

Meet a designer with proven talent and boundless creativity: Artémi Vasilakis. 

Truly passionate, offers a selection of seductive jewelry inspired by nature and current trends. Ypres Jewelry: unique creations, but also customizable and delivered free of charge internationally.

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Bijouterie Ypres: what does Art'emi, your 100% Belgian jewellery store, offer?

First of all, Art'emi is an exceptional jeweler providing you with quality nuggets. A true lover of jewelry, she makes her own creations with finesse and delicacy. Its know-how is also widely recognized in the world of jewelry. From gold jewelry to solid silver, through vermeil jewelry, precious or semi-precious stones, his creations do not go out of style!

Then, let yourself be carried away by the wide range of original  men's jewellery, fine women's jewellery and creative children's jewellery from your jewellery shop near Ypres. 

You will inevitably find earrings or bracelets for all men.

Ypres Jewellery: quality jewellery and accessories at Art'emi

We offer bold and elegant jewelry while ensuring that it keeps for a long time. For this, we use exclusively exceptional materials. We work, among other things, with 9 or 18 carat gold, 925 solid silver and vermeil. 

The stones that are added to it are always precious or semi-precious. We also use cotton vegetable fiber, leather, mother-of-pearl and other noble materials. All our compositions reflect the image of art'emi : a quality of materials and a unique know-how for an exceptional jewel.

Finally, graduated from the Academy of Arts in Brussels and the Institute of Gemmology in Antwerp, Artémi Vasilakis uses all her know-how to make her jewelry with professional precision and artistic creativity.

Customizable jewelry

Want unique jewelry and your image? La bijouterie art'emi offers you a whole collection of jewelry with a timeless style with infinite customization possibilities. Our jewelry is adorned with brightly colored stones or resplendent diamonds. 

Their designs are modern and bold. The little extra? Your personal touch that completes the piece created once it is engraved with the inscription of your choice. Thus, let your creativity express itself through our jewelry and engravings. Give yourself or one of your loved ones an original and personal gift with an elegant design.

We therefore offer a wide range of customizable jewelry and accessories. Our men's engravings, women's engravings and children's engravings will make you happy. Our customizable offers are available in necklaces, bracelets, straps, key chains and other accessories. We also customize money clips, cufflinks and collar whales.

You can choose to have an important date, a first name or a word with a special meaning engraved. An original way to convey a message of love or friendship to your loved ones.

Bouton de manchette Bruxelles

Bijouterie Ypres: a delivery service as close as possible to you

To improve your comfort, Art'emi delivers free of charge throughout the city of Ypres. So, whether you live near the district of Kaaie, Hoveland, Posthoornwijk, Potyze or Ter Olmen, your jewelry will reach you quickly. 

But that's not all! We also deliver to nearby cities such as Poperinge, Heuvelland, Zonnebeke, Langemark-Poelkapelle and Wervik. Practical, isn't it? You don't even have to move!

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