Would you like to give your sweetheart a gold bracelet? Your mom's birthday is approaching so you want to buy her a custom piece of jewelry? Art'emi fulfills your desires in its jewelry store in Bilzen. Creative, ambitious and also passionate about her craft, she will seduce you with her wide range of customizable jewelry.

Art'emi: custom jewelry creations for everyone

Since 2002, Art'emi has been making unique and artisanal creations in its jewellery store in Bilzen. Indeed, for her, jewelry is fashion accessories to best reflect the personality of the wearer. On her online jewelry, you can find all types of jewelry. Ring, necklace, cuff, gourmet, bracelet, Art'emi works with several materials, all of high quality and coming from Europe. Jewelry in silver, gold, vermeil, quartz, precious or semi-precious stones... Men's creations, women's designs and children's jewellery,everyone can find their happiness.

Bilzen Jewellery: Jewelry Customization by Art'emi

Jewelry customization has been Art'emi's specialty since its inception. Indeed, allowing people to add an engraving on a jewel, gives it even more value and makes it unique. In addition, the engraving is totally free and handcrafted. Meticulous and delicate, Art'emi will seduce you with its bespoke creations. Adapting to all budgets and your tastes, Art'emi creates you, in its jewelry store in Bilzen, the perfect jewel to add to your jewelry collection.

Bilzen Jewellery: Free home jewelry delivery

Your jewellery store in Bilzen offers free shipping anywhere in and around your city. Whether you live in Gansbeek, Waltwilder, Hoelbeek or Martenslinde and Munsterbilzen, we deliver at home! In addition, for those living in nearby cities, you also receive your order in your mailbox. From Zutendaal to Riemst via Hoeselt, Diepenbeek or Lanaken, no one is forgotten.

So, come and discover the multitude of jewelry choices by Art'emi