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Are you planning to give your sweetheart a gift and are looking for stylish cufflinks? The baptism of your niece is coming soon and you want to personalize a gourmette for the occasion?  Your jewelry store in Mechelen by Art'emi has what you need. A wide range of jewelry for all occasions and suitable for all budgets.

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Personalized jewelry in your jewelry store in Mechelen

Offering a personalized gift, in this case, a personalized jewel, always has more sentimental value. That's why Art'emi gives you the opportunity unlike many other jewelry stores.  

No matter the type of jewelry, ring, bracelet or necklace, when you customize it, it gets more value in your eyes. The customization of jewelry makes the creation unique and who does not dream of having something that no one else can have? It also makes the jewel timeless, it accompanies you for many years and represents you,  and it is also an opportunity to symbolize a relationship with a loved one or a way to mark a highlight of your life. No matter the reason, a personalized piece of jewelry is always an ideal gift.

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Art'emi, a passionate jewelry designer

It is since 2002 that Artemis Vasilakis has embarked on the creation of his jewelry brand Art'emi. Passionate and ambitious, she makes it a point of honor to offer high quality jewelry that accompanies you for many years.

Indeed, for Art'emi, a jewel must correspond to the personality of the person wearing it. That's why all the jewelry in your jewelry store in Mechelen is customizable so that it represents you at best.

High quality jewelry means high quality materials. To design its jewelry, Art'emi works exclusively with materials such as silver, gold, vermeil, quartz, precious or semi-precious stones...  

Many choices are available on our eshop. Jewelry for all unique and elegant tastes.

Jewelry for everyone in your jewelry store in Mechelen

It is important for Art'emi to be able to offer jewelry for everyone. 

Creations for women, designs for men and jewelry and accessories for children, you will find a wide choice in our jewelry store. 

Our wide range of jewelry allows you to find your happiness in jewelry and fashion accessories.

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Men's jewelry collection

In the category of jewelry for men, many choices are available to you. From the rush bracelet, collar whale to silver chain through bracelets or pendants to customize. Find out more on our online site.

Jewelry for women

Regarding women's jewelry, treat yourself with our earrings or dress your neck with a nice gold necklace. But also find rings, gourmettes, and pendants. Of course, all jewelry is customizable thanks to engraving.

Children's creations

For the little ones, several choices are also available. Give your daughter a personalized bracelet or a beautiful necklace with a personalized pendant. Gourmets and chains are also on our website.

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Art'emi: high quality jewelry in solid silver 925

In order for your jewelry to accompany you throughout your life, Art'emi makes it a point of honor to use solid 925 silver. This means that the jewel is composed of 92.5% pure silver thus guaranteeing, even after years, a shine as on the first day. In addition, sterling silver 925 does not oxidize over time and makes your jewel resistant.

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Have your jewelry engraved by Art'emi

As mentioned earlier, Art'emi likes to design jewelry that best represents you. That's why since the beginning of her brand, she has been offering a free engraving service to personalize your jewelry.

Meticulous, attentive and attentive to its customers, Art'emi makes your engravings to perfection. For example, write a date of birth on a gold ring or opt for the engraving of your initials and those of a loved one on a pretty bracelet. Other types of engraving are also feasible such as a drawing, a symbol, first names ... In your jewelry store in Mechelen, we give you the opportunity to let your imagination and your desires speak.

Bouton de manchette Bruxelles

Your jewelry store in Mechelen delivers to your home

For even more ease, we offer a home delivery service. Simply place your order and a few days later, you will receive your package in your mailbox. Delivery is available for the entire city of Mechelen. From Arsenaal via Nekkerspoel and Marokken to Colomba and Battel. Also, for the inhabitants of nearby cities, do not panic, because delivery is also possible. Zemst, Rumst, Willebroek, Boortmeerbeek or Bonheiden, no one is forgotten.

Come and discover more on our online site and fall for original and timeless jewelry by Art'emi!

Free delivery throughout Belgium

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