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Vermeil is a precious metal made of silver coated with gold. It should be known that this material has long been shunned by women. Today, the deal has changed. This material arouses the enthusiasm of the creators and the passion dear to the lovers. 

But what really made its fame is that since 1912, the vermeil is the metal that forms the gold medals of the Olympic Games.

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The main difference between vermeil and gold-plated jewelry is that vermeil has a silver base; whereas plated pieces can be made with a variety of metals (metal or plastic for example). For this reason, the latter is considered more valuable.

Ancient civilizations were very imaginative in developing their own gold plating processes. The Greeks and then the Romans used techniques such as "superimposition", folding or hammering on a gold or silver leaf. The first real objects made of vermeil were invented by the Incas. Gold is omnipresent among the Incas, it symbolizes their worship of the Sun God, whose representative on Earth is the Emperor. Gold is often worked with silver, which symbolizes the Moon. It is a meeting between the moon and the sun.

Origin and birth of vermeil

The history of vermeil goes back to the dawn of time and especially to antiquity, with gilding techniques as they are known today. The word comes from the Low Latin "vermis", which means "cochineal" and refers to the scarlet color produced by this insect. Gold vermeil, or simply vermeil, is a term used to refer to jewelry or other silver items coated with gold. The method used to coat the surface of the gold coin is called electrolysis. It is therefore gold-plated silver. As it is a precious metal, it is subject to strict French customs regulations regarding its composition. The silver used is said to be solid and must be at least 800 thousandths (minimum title). The gold layer must be of high quality and at least 5 microns thick, with a minimum purity of 750 thousandths (18 carats).

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At Art'emi, we have chosen to use 18-carat gold vermeil, so that your jewelry will be more beautiful and will last longer. 

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A multi-faceted material

Gold vermeil is a very interesting compromise at a time when the price of gold is soaring, as its appearance and brilliance imitate it to perfection. Thus, while these jewels had been neglected in favor of other precious metals (silver, gold, platinum), they are now back on the scene more in shape than ever. The vermeil wedding symbolizes the 45 years of marriage, a vermeil jewel is the perfect gift for this event.

In addition, vermeil jewelry is often paired with fine or precious stones. Bright colors can be combined with the golden color of the plating.

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Vermeil is a precious metal with a great solidity. The combination of the two metals that make it up (solid silver and gold) gives it a much greater resistance than the plated metals often used in jewelry.  It also has the particularity of being a much lighter metal than gold. Your earrings and/or other jewelry will never be heavy to wear, whatever their size.  Finally, it is composed of two non-allergenic precious metals. Wear your jewelry without fear of an allergic reaction. 

Furthermore, vermeil requires little maintenance. However, like any metal, it can be subject to shocks, scratches or patina over time. Take care of it ! 

If you are looking for a jewelry engraving workshop in Brussels, welcome to Art'emi. In addition to offering you a variety of unique and original creations, we also offer you the possibility to personalize your jewelry. Thanks to our engraving workshop in Brussels, you are free to engrave a name, a date, a drawing or a text on your jewelry in only 24 hours.

To create an engraving on your signet ring, on your ring, on your chain bracelet or on your watch, our jewelry store in Brussels has the necessary experience and know-how. From personalized engravings on silver to engravings on stone or metal: we are able to engrave all types of jewelry.

Engraving to personalize your Vermeil jewel

Personalizing a piece of jewelry is a great way to make your bracelet, bracelet bracelet or medal unique. 

By choosing engraving, you opt for originality. In addition to that, an engraved jewel is often symbolic. Depending on the message you write on it, your jewel will have a very strong sentimental value. 

Thus, in addition to being aesthetically refined, your jewel will carry a unique message. This is why engraved jewelry is such a special gift. 

If you wish, we can advise you on the ideal engraving to do on your jewelry. Depending on the material, the shape, the type of jewelry and the meaning you want to give to your engraved jewelry, we give you ideas of engravings for a woman's jewelry, a man's jewelry or for a gift to offer to your partner for example. 

Nevertheless, you are the only one to decide: we make the engraving you want. At Art'emi, we want to create a jewel that looks like you.

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