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Are you looking for a jewel adorned with fine stones for your friend? The birthday of a man in your family is approaching and you are looking for a collar whale? Your child received a good grade and you want to congratulate him on his success? For all occasions, Art'emi jewelry and fashion accessories offer you the opportunity to make the most beautiful gift. Order now the object of all your desires and benefit from the delivery of your jewelry store in Antwerp.

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Art'emi jewelry: when creativity meets local charm

Artémi Vasilakis is a Belgian designer with an overflowing imagination and a foolproof sense of style. Since 1992, this beauty lover has been designing and giving life to original jewelry creations, but also modern. 

From the timeless ring bracelet to the timeless silver ring, through the clover necklace or the collar whale, Art'emi online jewelry offers jewelry and accessories that look like you.

The entire Art'emi jewelry collection is available online, because our contemporary designer wants to offer all men and women the opportunity to treat themselves to a jewel of her collection. 

Thus, you benefit from the delivery offered by our jewelry store, in Antwerp at home.

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Engraving and delivery of our jewelry store in Antwerp

Because a personalized jewel says more about your relationship, Art'emi offers you to engrave your gift jewelry for the occasion. The engraving can be done on all our jewelry as well as our accessories that you find in the sections engravings woman, engravings child and engravings man.  The choices of engraving are endless: a drawing on a round medal, a date on a bracelet rush, a quote in the hollow of a slave bracelet in solid silver, ... Your imagination is the only limit.

From her workshop in Belgium, it is Artémi herself who is responsible for making your jewel unique. You have the opportunity to create your jewel online, thanks to our live viewing software. Test yourself the engraving of your jewelry or accessories before requesting your jewel delivered in Antwerp.

Discover now our jewelry and accessories to offer and to offer on our online jewelry store.

Bijouterie Liège, we know what women want

For women who like to dress up, for men who appreciate elegance, and for children who love adventure, Art'emi jewelry accompanies you every day.

Find in particular our collections:

Women's jewelry

All women can find themselves in the wide range of Art'emi jewelry and accessories.

- Among our women's necklaces, you will find everyday jewels such as the pink silver necklace or the tree of life necklace. On the other hand, the Chanel necklace or the Drop stone necklace will enhance your social evenings.

- Our collection of women's bracelets brightens up your wrist with for example the leather bracelet or the silver bracelet rush.

- The beautiful range of Art'emi rings enhances the look of your hands. Our favorites: the oval silver ring or the silver charm ring.

- Our earrings match your outfits and mood of the day. For a day's work, the sober and elegant silver buckles accompany you. On the other hand, for a beautiful summer evening, the Creole rings can enhance your look beautifully.

Would you rather offer a stylish accessory to your friend? Discover also our personalized women's accessories:

- Heart keychain for woman to have engraved with the message of your choice. A small word, a symbolic date or a drawing are for example.

- Oval keychain for women to offer without moderation to your friend who often loses her keychain.

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Men's jewelry

Men's jewelry has become a staple of jewelry. Art'emi has thought of all men who like to take care of their look, including its collections of:

- Men's necklaces including the sterling silver military plate or the medal necklace to be engraved.

- Men's bracelets including the essential gold and silver bracelets:  gold rush bracelet and silver rush bracelet.

Looking for a gift for a man? The accessories to customize will satisfy you. Among our collection, discover in particular:

- Richard Pass whales, discreet and practical. They provide support and hold throughout the day to your friend. Thanks to this accessory that brings him confidence and assurance, he will think of you throughout the day.

- The oval keychain for men, ideal for anyone who misplaces their keychain anywhere. Have a date or symbol engraved according to your tastes to remind him of your affection.

- The personalized cash clip is the perfect gift for men who tend to misplace their wallet or don't like to have one on them.

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Children's jewelry

Children are also spoiled on the site of our jewelry store in Antwerp. Discover our collections:

- Children's bracelets

- Children's gourmettes

- Children's necklaces

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