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Looking for a piece of jewelry for Valentine's Day? A baptism or a Christmas gift? Ring, gourmet or necklace, Art'emi offers a wide range of jewelry. Creations for all budgets and all occasions. Discover all the fashion accessories available in your jewelry store in Hasselt.

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Personalized jewelry, an ideal and unique gift

Why choose to have engraved and offer a personalized jewel? First of all, engraving makes your jewel unique and timeless. Who doesn't dream of having something that no one else has?

Then, when we opt for the purchase of a personalized jewel, we can make sure that it represents us and reflects who we are or the person to whom we offer it. It is still an accessory that we wear often or even daily.

Also, a personalized gift has much more value. You usually offer it to someone you know and it also allows you to represent the relationship by a symbol, here, a jewel. 

Finally, there are many occasions for which to make this gift. A birthday, the end of the year holidays, Mother's Day ... The jewel engraved by a personal detail will make this moment even more unique and striking.  

Don't wait any longer, the e-shop of your jewelry store in Hasselt allows you to make your engraving online!

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A wide range of choices to satisfy men at your artisan jeweler in Liege

Since 2002, Art'emi offers unique and artisanal creations. She makes it a point of honor to offer jewelry that accompanies you throughout your life. 

That's why she makes creations that best match your character and personality. 

Giving life to jewelry, being close to your customers and meeting their expectations is essential for Art'emi. 

It also attaches importance to the use of high-quality materials from Europe , an ethical brand, working conditions and the transport of goods are important to it.

As for the making of jewelry, Art'emi chooses and makes its jewelry with superior quality materials. Jewelry in silver, gold, quartz, vermeil, precious and semi-precious stones find all styles of jewelry in your jewelry store near Hasselt.

Hasselt jewellery: jewellery for the whole family

Art'emi designs jewelry for all genres and budgets. 

On our e-shop, you will find different categories, men's jewelry, women's jewelry and children's jewelry. 

Find out more about the jewellery available in the jewellery store available from Hasselt:

Jewelry for men

Many types of jewelry are present in the men's category. Indeed, Art'emi does not want to exclude anyone when making his jewelry. You can find cufflinks for your darling, bracelets, many silver chains, several pendants of oval shape or round shape and also gourmettes man. All these jewels are of course customizable.

Fashion accessories and jewelry for women

In women's jewelry, rings, earrings are waiting for you to discover them. Also find, as for men, women's necklaces, women's bracelets, women's gourmets... You are spoilt for choice. In addition, the jewelry is all unique and can be engraved and customized.

Creations for children

Because children also have the right to wear beautiful jewelry! Offer a gourmette for a child to your nephew for his baptism or a gold necklace for child for your daughter's birthday ... These are jewels that will accompany them even as they grow up. 

In addition, other choices are available to you in your jewelry store near Hasselt, pendants for children, chains for children, bracelets for children ... it's according to your preferences!

Bouton de manchette Bruxelles

Solid silver creations in your jewelry store near Hasselt

Art'emi makes jewelry mainly in 925 silver. This means that they are composed of 92.5% pure silver. So you can be sure that the creations made in the jewelry store in Hasselt are of high quality. In addition, we guarantee you an incomparable longevity and shine.

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The personalization of jewelry in your jewelry store delivered in Hasselt by Art'emi

Art'emi desires to invent and produce jewelry that resembles you and reflects your true Self. This is also why since the beginning of her activity, she has specialized in the engraving of jewelry and therefore the customization of jewelry.

Meticulous, attentive and passionate, she engraves your future wonders with her hands and for free. There are a multitude of engravings available to make. 

For example, a gourmet with the date of birth of your child, a pendant with your first name and many other options (symbol, drawing ...). So come to the site of your jewelry store for delivery in Hasselt and find your custom and original jewelry.

Bouton de manchette Bruxelles

Hasselt Jewellery: free delivery of your order at home

Living in Hasselt? Whether you are on the side of Katarina, Hollands Veld, Runkst or Heilig Hart or Kapermolen ... Be happy, your Art'emi jewelry store moves to Hasselt and offers home delivery. And that's not all, we also deliver to nearby towns like Lummen, Zonhoven, Alken, Diepenbeek and also Wellen.

So come and find in your jewelry perfect sterling silver jewelry to add to your jewelry collection.

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