Are you looking for a jewelry store in Herentals to give a gift to a loved one? It's soon your mother's birthday and you want to celebrate this day by offering her a personalized jewel that looks like her? Perhaps you intend to ask for your beloved's hand and want the most beautiful engagement ring? Whatever the occasion, a jewel is always a gentle attention. That's why Art'emi offers a very wide range of jewelry for men, accessories and jewelry for women or a range for children and for all styles.

Henrentals Jewellery: Original creations

Your jewelry store in Herentals is committed to making each of its jewels with the utmost respect for the materials used. Whatever your desires and tastes, you'll always find what you like. In other words, Art'emi works with finesse the precious or semi-precious stones such as diamond, sapphire, quartz, but also tourmaline, topaz or amethyst. To make the jewel, she uses materials such as solid silver, white gold, yellow gold or also rose gold.

She makes timeless and original jewellery in her workshop. You will find in its jewelry collection gold necklaces, silver chains, bracelets, cufflinks, tongs, gourmets or rings.

Wear a piece of jewelry that looks just like you

If you want to offer a personalized gift, there's nothing better than an engraved piece that looks like the person in question. Art'emi has chosen to offer you the personalization of your jewelry for free. You will be able to add an engraving to the jewel of your choice: a date, a symbol, a first name, etc. You can simulate the final rendering online before ordering.

Jewellery Art'emi, closer to home in Henrentals

The Art'emi jewelry store allows you to have your orders delivered directly to Herentals, all over the city, for free. So if you live in the Kleerroos, Diependaal, Noorderwijk, Morkhoven or Veldhoven district, you will also be delivered. Finally, also enjoy free shipping if you live in a nearby town such as Olen, Herenthout, Voorselaar, Grobbendonk and Nijlen.

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