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Are you looking for the perfect jewel for women, men or children? Are you looking to perfect your style with a bracelet, ring or necklace? Art'emi jewelry unveils its collection of jewelry for all styles and for all ages. The delivery of our jewelry store in Ghent makes it a perfect service to offer or afford the jewel or fashion accessory of all your desires.

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The engravings of our jewelry store for delivery to you in Ghent

Among the wide range of Art'emi jewelry, you will find women's engravings, children's engravings and men's engravings. Designed in the Art'emi workshop in Brussels, these pieces can be delivered free of charge to your house in Ghent.

Do not hesitate to please a man by offering him for example a personalized men's medal, an engraved silver slave bracelet. Is your friend more wearable accessories? Think of an oval keychain or the cash clip.

On your jewel or accessory, you can engrave the symbol of your love, the day you meet, a sentence that reminds you of the extent of your complicity, or a drawing that means a lot to both of you.

Women are also spoiled on the side of personalized jewelry and accessories. With our collection for moms: the silver boys' bracelet or the silver girl's bracelet, you can hit your target in the heart. Have the plaque engraved with the date of birth of his child, or his first name, for the most beautiful effects. As for accessories, the heart key ring is a must for all women of taste who like to find their keys with style.

Children also like to discover a nice message on their jewelry. This is why the Art'emi collection of necklaces and bracelets can be personalized in the same way as the collections of jewelry for women and men.

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The values of our Art'emi jewelry

Art'emi is the dream of a talented Belgian designer: Artémi Vasilakis. From her workshop in Belgium, she is the one who gives life to the jewels that you find on our E-shop. Art'emi wants to allow all women and men to find the piece that really fits their personality. 

That's why she invents and designs jewelry in silver, leather, personalized jewelry and accessories to engrave. 

The ideal gift for a loved one: an engraving made with care and inventiveness by our creator. Art'emi jewelry and accessories are made of sterling silver. Hallmarked with the acronym 925, they are robust and durable over time. What for? Because the designer relies on the quality of her creations. The goal of Artemi is that you keep with you the symbol of your friendship, your love. Moreover, our jewels are delivered to Ghent with their guarantee certificate. A problem with the clasp? A platelet is eroded? Art'emi replaces your jewel! 

Jewellery in Ghent Art'emi: all our collections

You prefer a jewel without engraving but you are still looking for the perfect gift for a wedding, a birth, a birthday or simply to please? 

Art'emi also likes to advise you and helps you find the perfect jewel. 

Find now the flagship jewels and accessories of the Art'emi collections, all available for delivery from our jewelry store in Ghent. 

Women's jewelry

A classic to offer to a woman, for example: earrings. The Art'emi collection includes Creole rings or coral long earrings. 

On the side of bracelets, the knot silver bracelet is a must in our jewelry. Finally, as for necklaces, Art'emi recommends the silver necklace drop. Refined and elegant, it matches any type of outfit.

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Men's jewelry

The must-haves are also found in men. Among our favorite jewels are the round medal necklace or the gold rush bracelet, or the silver rush bracelet. 

If we turn to accessories, Art'emi reserves beautiful surprises that appeal to men who work on their style, including the round neck whale or square cufflinks.

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Children's jewelry

Art'emi children's jewelry, such as the octopus silver bracelet or the silver horse necklace, will appeal to nature and animal lovers. For creative children, who like to travel in their thoughts, the cloud silver necklace or the airplane silver necklace will reflect their personality. Thanks to their composition in 925 sterling silver, the creations of Art'emi jewelry are robust and last a long time, even years, alongside your loved ones.

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Enjoy the delivery of our jewelry store in and around Ghent

Whether you live in Gentbrugge, Sterre, Rabot, Wondelgem or Ledeberg, we deliver anywhere in your city. Thanks to Art'emi, you can have your jewelry delivered to an address different from yours. For example: does your friend live in another part of the Flemish region? It is possible for you to have the jewel delivered to her. You can then send the invoice to your own address, of course.

Treat yourself, or treat yourself with all our collections for you.

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