A birthday is approaching and you are looking for the ideal jewel to symbolize this moment? Do you want to make Valentine's Day unforgettable or simply please the person most dear to you? Rings, necklaces, bracelets and many others, Art'emi has a wide range of jewelry. Whether you are looking for a simple jewel made of noble metal or set with multiple precious stones, at the Art'emi jewelry store in Aalst, you will find everything you are looking for to cherish those you love!

Art'emi : adopt an authentic style that suits you.

Art'emi is a jewelry store with nearly 10 years of experience in the field of jewelry. Behind this Belgian brand of handcrafted jewelry hides a modern, inspired and passionate woman. On the lookout for new trends, Artemi Vasilakis creates unique and elegant jewelry. Thus, thanks to his experience and meticulous work of noble materials such as gold and sterling silver, his creations all meet the same concerns of beauty and timelessness. Indeed, the brand's jewelry is designed to sublimate your most beautiful style!

Besides that, Art'emi is a committed brand. In particular, it attaches great importance to the quality and origin of the different materials. Originating from Europe only and of very good quality, all our materials are selected in the purest respect for the traditions of jewelry and the environment. In addition, the proximity of metals and stones reduces the environmental impact of transport. For the Belgian company, ethics and respect are essential values to contribute to a cleaner world. With Art'emi, it is now possible to have fun while preserving nature.

Jewellery in Aalst: handmade jewellery for everyone.

Whether at the Aalst jewelry store or in any other establishment of the brand, our jewelry is suitable for everyone. Unisex, for men, for women and even for children, you will undoubtedly find the jewel you were looking for. Our range of jewelry of all kinds and at all costs adapts to your needs and desires.

Men's jewelry: the ultimate style asset!

The jewel for a man is the essential accessory to bring the final touch to his style. Discover our solid silver cufflinks or our collar whales to transform you into a true gentleman. Also opt for our bracelets, our silver chains, our oval or round pendants as well as our many gourmettes. Ideal for a gift and also customizable, our different jewelry for men will delight you.

Women's jewelry: being elegant with ease

For women, Art'emi offers you its most beautiful creations while sobriety and elegance. Dare to become an elegant and modern woman, with ease! Discover all our silver rings set with precious stones or not. Rose quartz, mother-of-pearl or black agate, you will be spoilt for choice. Also perfect your style with our bracelets, necklaces, chains and earrings. Let yourself be tempted by our creations full of brilliance to highlight even more your femininity.

Children's jewelry: being elegant like mom and dad

Children also have the right to wear pretty jewelry. Give your child a necklace or pendant for their birthday or christening party. These timeless jewels will accompany them on a daily basis even as they grow up. For other gift ideas, also discover our chains and bracelets available in your jewelry store Art'emi in Aalst.

Personalize our creations in your jewelry store in Aalst.

Art'emi aims to create unique jewelry that looks like you and best reflects the personality of those who wear it. What could be better for this than to personalize your jewelry ? Even more exceptional and unforgettable, engraved silver jewelry will make an event even more memorable. For a birthday or simply to express your feelings, you can easily customize the jewel of your choice with a special and personal message.

Thanks to our online simulation tool, you can customize your jewel and even see the result before ordering it. Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or end-of-year celebrations, take the opportunity to offer personalized gifts to those who are dear to you! Specialist in engraving since the beginning of his activity, let Art'emi immortalize your most beautiful moments for free!

Solid silver creations, synonymous with superior quality.

For years now, Art'emi has attached great importance to the quality of its materials. That's why we work with massive money. Indeed, 925 sterling silver is a very popular alloy for jewelers and jewelers, because of excellent quality. Then it confers a guarantee of "purity" and quality. In short, a jewel of this confection ensures longevity, shine and robustness.

Jewellery in Aalst: your home delivery from Puiteput to Bergemeersen.

Our home delivery service delivers free of charge to the following areas of Aalst: Puiteput, Sint-Job, Osbroeck, Bergemeersen and Beekveld. You do not live in these neighborhoods, but in a neighboring city? Don't worry! Your jewelry store Art'emi in Aalst is also responsible for bringing your jewelry directly to your home. Whether you are from Lede, Haaltert, Affligem, Denderleeuw or Berlare, we take care of your order!

Therefore, find the accessory that is missing from your jewelry collection on our website or in our jewelry store Art'emi in Aalst!

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