Would you like to find the perfect gift for someone you care about? Looking for a great gift idea for Valentine's Day or a birthday present? In order to cherish those you love, you will find the ideal present in your jewelry store Art'emi of Lier. For all occasions and for all ages, you will find trendy, artisanal and 100% Belgian jewelry in your shop Art'emi.

Art'emi : the art of sublimating your style

Wearing jewelry is to affirm your personality and to bring the finishing touch to your outfit. It is on this principle that Art'emi creates unique and customizable jewelry. Each of his creations responds to the same concerns of elegance and refinement. Thanks to her experience in jewellery and noble metal work, Art'emi fashion accessories are timeless and elegant. Indeed, gold, solid silver sterling, quartz or even turquoise are part of the materials and precious stones that go into the creation of his jewelry. With a wide range of men's jewelry, women's jewelry and children's jewelry,you'll probably find the piece you're missing from your collection.

For him, opt for a nice silver bracelet, a necklace or even customizable cufflinks. For her, let yourself be seduced by a ring,a pair of earrings or even a pendant with a personalized message. Also find our selection of children's jewelry such as gourmets or bracelets on our e-shop.

Engraving: the ultimate customization in your jewelry store in Lier

Giving a gift is good. Making it unique is even better! Your jewelry store Art'emi to Lier makes free engravings of symbols or personalized messages to make your gift even more authentic.

All your jewels are delivered to Lier

You bought a piece of jewelry from Art'emi, but you don't know how to pick it up? Your jewellery store in Lier then takes care of the delivery to your home. We deliver all our creations in the neighborhoods of Boomlaar, Zaat, Herderin, Bogerse Velden and Klaplaar. If you live in Kessel, Berlaar, Duffel, Lint or Putte, let yourself be charmed by our jewels.