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Looking for the perfect gift? A birthday is approaching and you want to mark the occasion by offering a solid silver necklace or a gold ring? Don't worry, we have many choices for you. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to have your jewelry engraved for free. So you can easily find the perfect jewelry in your jewelry store near Turnhout.

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Personalization, a service in your jewelry store in Turnhout to make your jewelry unique

A baptism or Valentine's Day approaching, a Christmas gift to make? All occasions are good to offer a personalized gift. In your Art'emi jewelry store in Turnhout, we offer the engraving service. So have your initials, first names, a date of birth, a symbol or a drawing engraved. We carry out all types of engraving.

Personalization makes it possible to add sentimental value to a jewel. Personalized jewelry can also represent a memorable moment between you and a loved one. It is an original way to symbolize a relationship. Also, your engraved jewel will be unique and timeless.

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Art'emi, brand and creation of high quality jewelry since 2002

Art'emi, creator and jeweler since 1995, embarked on the creation of her brand in 2002. Since then, the brand has convinced many customers. A work of finesse mixed with creativity and incomparable know-how, this is what can qualify this jeweler.

In addition to this, Art'emi specializes in customization through engraving. Having become the heart of her work, the personalization of jewelry is essential to her. Indeed, a jewel is in a way the reflection of our personality. 

He must represent us, represent our character. Since it accompanies us a large part of our life  and this daily or almost, it must therefore correspond to us at best. 

Also, Art'emi makes it a point of honor to work only with exceptional and noble materials. You will find, among all his creations, jewelry mainly in silver and gold. Art'emi also makes jewelry based on quartz, vermeil, leather, precious and semi-precious stones... Your jewelry store near Turnhout offers you something to satisfy everyone.

Your jewelry store in Turnhout offers a wide range of creations by Art'emi

Creating jewelry for all genres, ages and budgets is what Art'emi wanted and that's what she does. Indeed, in your jewelry store near Turnhout, you can find jewelry for men, a range for women as well as jewelry and accessories for children.

We fulfill your desires by offering you all styles of jewelry. Necklaces, chains and pendants that dress your neck perfectly. Beautiful unique rings to offer or earrings. For your wrists, bracelets and gourmettes. And also beautiful collar whales and customizable ticket claws for gentlemen.

As you can see, our jewelry is for young and old. And all of them are, without exception, of superior quality.

Solid silver 925: an exceptional material for high-quality jewelry

In your jewelry store in Turnhout, we exclusively offer jewelry made from high quality materials. As you now know, in gold and silver. We use solid 925 silver for exceptional quality. Indeed, 925 silver is composed of 92.5% pure silver. This brings shine and longevity to your jewel.

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Your jewelry store in Turnhout delivers to your home

Once your order is made to complete your jewelry collection, your Art'emi jewelry store in Turnhout offers free home delivery. Whether you are on the side of Tuinwijk, Stokt, Kastelein or Melkhoek and Blijken, we come to your home. Be aware that delivery is also possible in nearby cities. Vosselaar, Merksplas, Ravels or Kasterlee or Retie.

So, do not wait, delivery and engraving are free, go to our site.

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