Are you about to propose and looking for the most beautiful engagement ring? Would you like to offer a personalized and unique piece of jewellery for a loved one's birthday? Or just want to treat yourself by complementing your adornment with a unique piece of jewelry that looks just like you? Art'emi is a Belgian jewellery company that has been making jewellery since 2002 with unrivalled know-how. Order a piece of jewellery from the wide range of online jewellery to your home in Deinze.

Deinze Jewellery: Art'emi, your jewellery with multitudes of creations

Art'emi offers original creations for all tastes and budgets. For example, you'll find women's jewellery, accessories and jewelry for men or a children's range. Enhance your cleavage with a gold pendant, dress your hand and wrist with a gold ring and a leather strap. Or top up your suit with gorgeous cufflinks or collar whales for your shirt. Offer a personalized gourmet with a first name or date or an engraved military plaque. Also think of your jewelry store that delivers to Deinze to celebrate unique occasions: baptism, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and many others. Every opportunity is good to offer a jewel!

Have the jewel you offer personalised

If you prefer to opt for an engraved jewel in order to immortalize a date, a first name or a symbol, it is possible. Art'emi has always wanted to make jewelry that looks like the person who's going to wear it. That's why since 2003 it has been offering customizable jewelry. Indeed, it is enough when you order the jewel of your choice, to specify the engraving you want. In addition, you will not be charged any additional fees.

Your jewelry store delivers for free to Deinze

With your jewellery Art'emi, enjoy the free, fast and convenient delivery of your jewelry to Deinze. From the Schave district to Petegem-aan-de-Leie via Zeveren, Astene and Sint-Martens-Leerne, the whole city can enjoy it. Don't panic if you live in a nearby town (Nevele, Nazareth, Zulte, De Pinte, Dentergem) we also deliver!

Enjoy all the Belgian know-how and craftsmanship now with just a few clicks at your doorstep.