Looking for a gift idea like no other? Is it Valentine's Day or the birthday of a loved one? Jewelry and fashion accessories from your jewelry store near Roeselare are the perfect gift to make a mark. Art'emi's original and customizable jewelry is perfect for any occasion. Art'emi is a jewelry store with a wide collection of jewelry for all styles and budgets. In addition, your jewelry store delivers to your home in Roeselare. Discover now the jewels that our site contains!

Who is behind Art'emi, your jewelry store near Roeselare?

Art'emi is above all a talented and ambitious jeweler offering handcrafted and exceptional creations. Indeed, a true passion for jewelry, she delicately makes each jewel with her own hands. Creator of jewels since 1995, the world of jewelry has no more secrets for her! Thanks to its experience and know-how, Art'emi perfectly develops the different materials to bring your jewelry to life.

In addition, Art'emi places a point of honor on the quality of its jewelry. This is why your jeweler only works with noble and exceptional materials such as solid silver or gold. In addition to gold and solid silver jewelry, your craftswoman also offers jewelry adorned with precious stones, semi-precious, vermeil, agate, quartz, etc. Thanks to these timeless materials (both in their robustness and refinement), your jewellery will be able to accompany you every day without losing their first day's lust.

So, from costume jewelry to customizable jewelry, all styles are at the rendezvous in your jewelry store near Roeselare!

Find what you're looking for in our range of choices

In order to satisfy each of its customers and meet their expectations, Art'emi offers a wide range of jewelry. There's something for all genres and ages.

Find your happiness now in our category for women: ring, necklace woman, earrings, bracelets womangourmet women,... But that's not all! Your jewelry store near Roeselare doesn't want to exclude anyone. That's why we also offer multiple creations in our men's jewelry category: men's pendant, men's chains, cufflinks,etc. Not to mention our children's jewellery category!

As for our fashion accessories, you can also be captivated by our wide choice: collar whales, key rings, tongs, etc. Finally, let's make it clear once again that all these jewels are customizable to perfectly match your desires!

Roeselare Jewellery: engraving and customization for our customers

First of all, a custom piece of jewellery is an original gift to delight those around you. Indeed, every opportunity is good to distinguish yourself by offering a gift like no other: Valentine's Day, birthday, baptism, Christmas present, etc. That's why Art'emi, which specializes in customizable jewelry as well as engraving, proposes to create your custom jewelry so that it is perfect for you. And that's for free! In addition, your jewelry store near Roeselare gives you the freedom to register whatever you want. Do you want to burn a date of birth, first names or even a symbol to mark forever a memory that is dear to you? Art'emi is what you need!

Art'emi and its massive money 925: a guarantee of quality

As mentioned above, your jewelry store near Roeselare is committed to guaranteeing you the best possible quality... This makes the massive 925 silver a major ally when creating it. Its name comes from the fact that it is composed of 92.5% pure silver, making it an exceptional material. In addition, the money prized by your jeweler is quite stainless. In short, Art'emi jewelry ensures unrivalled brilliance and longevity!

Your jewellery store in Roeselare delivers to your home

Do you live in Roeselare? Your jewellery store near Roeselare also delivers to your home in the districts of Sint-Jozef, Spanje, Duivelshoek, Rumbeke and Zuidmolen! Indeed, always with the aim of satisfying its customers, the free delivery Art'emi helps you to receive your order as quickly as possible. Finally, we also deliver to nearby towns such as Hooglede, Moorslede, Izegem, Staden and Ardooie.

Discover now the many nuggets that make up our Art'emi online jewelry store and find what you need!