Looking for a jewelry store in Hoogstraten to find a piece of jewelry to match your everyday outfits? Or on the contrary you want to please a loved one by offering him an original gift? All occasions are good to (make) pleasure and buy a jewel, which promotes elegance and allows to assert its personality. That's why jewelry Art'emi handcrafted all its jewelry collections in detail and finesse. You should also know that you have the opportunity to have your home delivered for free!

A wide range of jewelry to find happiness

All collections are designed and created for all. Discover men's jewellery, women's jewellery and accessories, and children's accessories and jewellery. Thanks to her know-how and her mastery of gemology, Art'emi imagines unique and authentic jewelry. She handles solid silver, 18-karat gold (yellow gold, rose gold or white gold) as well as other materials such as quartz, vermeil, coral or turquoise. You will find on our e-shop all the creations: earrings, rings, pendants, gourmets, chains, cufflinks, bracelets and other accessories.

Hoogstraten Jewellery: Have a striking detail engraved on your jewellery

In addition to creating original jewelry, Art'emi also gives you the opportunity to customize a piece of jewelry for free. Indeed, there is nothing like a personalised jewel to make a mark on people's minds! That's why you can ask to engrave a little word, a first name, a date, a symbol, etc.

Fast and free delivery of all your orders!

The jewelry store Art'emi delivers your jewellery directly to you at home in Hoogstraten at no cost. This will save you from travelling and make your life easier. Whether you live in Minderhout, Wortel, Elsbroeken, Meer or Voort, don't hesitate to order! The same applies if you live in a neighbouring commune such as Zundert, Alphen, Rijkevorsel, Wuustwezel and Merksplas.
Discover our creations and order now to enjoy free shipping!