Want to give your sweetheart a gold bracelet? Need a personalized gift in the run-up to your nephew's baptism? Find lots of original and unique gift ideas in your jewelry store in Tongres. Art'emi creates timeless, high-quality creations just for you and your loved ones.

Tongres Jewellery: Jewelry for all Tastes Art'emi

Art'emi aims to create jewelry for all budgets and tastes. It therefore offers a wide range of fashion accessories online. Bracelet, necklace, earrings, gourmet, cuff, you will find something to satisfy your desires. Also, the materials used come from Europe and are therefore of high quality. Jewelry in silver, gold, quartz, vermeil, precious stones or semi-precious, choose the material you like. Jewelry for men, jewelry for women and jewelry for children,everyone can enjoy it in the jewelry store in Tongres.

Jewelry customization, the Art'emi specialty

Art'emi decided to specialize in engraving and therefore in the customization of jewelry. Indeed, being able to customize a piece of jewelry and add your personal touch immediately gives it more value. You have the opportunity to create a multitude of different engravings. A date of birth, first names or initials, let your imagination speak.

Tongres Jewellery: Free home delivery

Once you have finished your order, you have no additional charges on delivery. Indeed, this one is totally free and is done in Tongres. Whether you live near Henis, Zavelberg, Berg or Offelken or Broek, your tongres jewelry store delivers to your home!

Also, for those living in nearby towns, don't worry. Delivery is also possible in Looz, Bilzen, Riemst, Hoeselt and also Bassenge!

Discover the wide range of Art'emi jewelry and place your order.