Looking for a jewelry store to offer a unique gift? Discover the art'emi - Limburg jewelry store - creations that can be fully personalized. Find among them women's engravingsmen's engravings and children's engravings. Every occasion is a good opportunity to treat your friends and family.

Jewelry and accessories for women

Women are in the spotlight on our online jewelry store. Artémi, a Belgian jewelry designer, draws and designs the pieces herself to enhance each woman and reveal her character. For example, in our women's necklaces, you will find the silver square necklace to show a strong and independent character. Among the women's bracelets, also discover the silver family bracelet, a gift to offer to every mothers. Take a look at our unique pieces, all available and delivered for free in Limburg. 

Jewelry and accessories for men

All men should have stylish accessories for special occasions. For example, art'emi has designed silver cufflinks and the silver shirt collar whalebones to showcase them at prestigious events. For an everyday wear, see the silver name bracelet and the medal target rope bracelet, both customizable.

Children's jewelry and engravings

Children are spoiled on our e-shop too. You can discover a whole range of children's braceletsidentity bracelets and our wide junior collection of necklaces. Among the bracelets, a personalized boat bracelet is a popular birthday gift. Among the necklaces, the silver angel necklace will highlight the softness of your child. 

Limburg jewelry shop: free delivery to your home

Do not hesitate to order an art'emi jewel to offer as a gift to a loved one, or yourself for pleasure. Among our range of customizable jewels, engraving is entirely free. What is more, our products are delivered free of charge to your home in Limburg. So, do not wait any longer to order your original art'emi jewelry and accessories.